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Biography of Sister Nivedita (Class - -X)

Biography of Sister Nivedita

Biography of Sister Nivedita

Born as Margaret Elizabeth Noble, she was more popularly called Sister Nivedita. She was an Anglo-Irish social worker, who was one amongst the various disciples of swami Vivekananda. She came across Swami Vivekananda in the year 1895 in London. It was the great soul, Swami, who called her by the name "Nivedita". The word Nivedita is used to refer to someone who is highly dedicated to the almighty God.

She came into this world on Oct 28, 1867. She was born in Ireland as the daughter of Mary Isabel and Samuel Richmond Noble. Her father always taught her that, service to mankind is the true service to God. His words made an impression on Nivedita's mind.

Her aim was to motivate an improvement in the lives of Indian women belonging to various social classes and castes. She tried to bridge the gap and put an end to the caste distinctions. Throughout her life, she worked hard for serving the people and society at large. This started having adverse effects on her health. Finally, this great soul left for her heavenly abode on October 13, 1911.

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