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Computer, Paragraph (Class - XI)

Computer, the modern innovation 

Computer, Paragraph (Class - XI)

The Computer is an electronic calculating machine. It is very simple data based machine. It performs various functions faster and more accurately. It can be used to do any kind of work. It provides facility of the many different tools like paint tool, text tool etc. which are very beneficial to us. It permits us to create changes within the already stored data additionally as store new data. 

Computer has become a major a part of our lives. It has made a lot of tasks easier for us. Powered by a high speed web connection this machine will help us accomplishing any task in a second. It helps you connect with your near and dear ones living in distant lands, makes tough calculations, store data with ease, process data quickly and much more. In other words we can understand that Computer machines help human in scientific ways, industrial ways, and medical ways. We can even notice that nothing is possible without the computers. 

While it has some drawbacks of utterly being reliable and depending on these machines even for already simple tasks so such nice inventions aren’t helpful in such cases. However, Computers are not only popular in offices but also at homes. Different people use this device for different purposes. It has indeed changed the life of people for good.

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