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Karma (Textual Grammar) Questions


Textual Grammar


Mention the tenses of the following sentences

1. The meter was obviously made in India

2. You are a bit of alright.

3. As soon as she had gone, she hailed a passing railway coolie.

4. These days all trains are crowded.

5. Are you traveling alone sister.

6. I can't understand English

7. Samoan wondered if he would be traveling alone

8. I have finished with it.

9. She had read it several times before.

10. I say I say see early.


Join the sentences using participle

1. She heaved her squat, bulky frame. She found a seat by the window.

2. She produced a two Anna bit from the knot in her sari. She dismissed the coolie.

3. Lady lal opened the brass carrier. She took out a bundle of cramped chapattis

4. She emitted a long loud belch; she went to the public tap to rinse her mouth.


Join using relative clause

1. Sir Mohan smiled at the mirror. The mirror smiled back at sir Mohan.

2. Mohan threw his chest. He smoothed his Balliol tie.

3. On the way she stopped by a hawker stall. There she replenished her silver betel leaf case.

4. Lachmi chatted away merrily. She was fond of a little gossip.

5. Sir Mohan was eminently well bred. He wanted everything tickety-boo.

6. Sir Mohan wondered if he would be traveling alone. His heart warmed at the prospect of an impressive conversation.

7. He would get out a copy of The Times. He would fold it.

8. Sir Mohan's thought to wear disturb. He walked to his coupe.

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