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Letter Writing for Class 12, WBCHSE

Letter Writing for Class 12, WBCHSE

Letter Writing for Class 12, WBCHSE

01. Write a letter to the manager of a hotel in Andaman for the cancellation of a booking that you have made, asking him for the refund of the booking amount.

60 A College Street

Kolkata -700009

Date: 23 February 2021


The Manager

Peerless Hotel

Corvin Cove, Andaman

Port Blair – 744112

Sub: Cancellation of Booking


This is with reference to my booking (Booking Number: 436279) from August 15 to 19, 2021. I am sorry to inform you that I would not be able to make it due to unavoidable circumstances. Hence, I would like to cancel my booking. I apologize for the inconvenience caused by this decision. As per you policy, there is no cancellation charges if I cancel three months prior to the booking date. So, I kindly ask you to refund the money I deposited in full.

            Please revert back to me and confirm that my booking has been cancelled. The receipt is enclosed with this letter. I will look forward to an opportunity of visiting your hotel in future.

Thank You

Yours sincerely,

Suvasis Dey

2. Write a letter to the Minister of Information & Culture on the quality of television programs telecast by different T.V Channels.

West Midnapore

West Bengal – 721102

Date – February 23, 2021


The Minister of Information & Culture

Kolkata – 700039

Sub: Complaint about the quality of T.V Programs


       I would like to draw your attention to the quality of television programs telecast by various T.V channels. Indeed many T.V programs are meant to be entertaining while some other programs are supposed to be informative. But a growing trend can be noticed that indicates the obvious commercialization of the T.V programs as a whole. These programs, in order to increase their TRP, telecast matters which have the potential to harm the society. The worst affected segment of the viewers of these T.V shows are the kids and the young people.

            I, therefore, request you to look into the matter and take necessary steps to prevent such programs from being telecast.

Thank you


Anjali Mahato

03. Write a letter to the Medical Super of ‘Care & Cure Nursing Home’, demanding an explanation of the bill that they have charged unduly for your patient.

Santiniketan, Birbhum

Pin -731230

Date: 23 February 2021


The Medical Super

Care & Cure Nursing Home

Sriniketan Bypass

Dwanranda, Birbhum – 732136


Sub: Demanding explanation of bill unduly charged


            This is to inform you that my aged mother had undergone treatment at your nursing home recently. She has been suffering from ailments related to old age for some time now and that was the reason for which she was admitted to your nursing home for three days and was discharged on February 15, 2021. I enclosed the photocopies of the relevant documents including the receipt of the full payment of the treatment charges, which we found quite excessive and unreasonable.

            I, therefore, seek an explanation of the bill that you have charged for the treatment of my mother depending on which we will decide our future course of actions.

Hope you will treat this as an urgent matter.

Thank You

Yours sincerely,

Sunil Mahali

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