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Textual Grammar and Writing Skill – (H.S. Exam – 2015)

 Textual Grammar and Writing Skill

(H.S. Exam – 2015)

Textual Grammar and Writing Skill  – (H.S. Exam – 2015)



i. Everybody knows Ramlal.

ii. The hermit told the Tsar that he had already been answered.

iii. I wanted a pair of suede shoes which was blue in colour.

iv. The ground was being dug by the hermit.

v. (Sentence-1) The man had entered the compartment.

(Sentence -2)  He broke into my reverie.

vi. There is no other time as good as this.


(i) to (ii). The (iii) to (iv) by (v) a (vi) to

(c) It could be a fascinating game, guessing what went out there.

 Writing Skill

 Q. Recently your school organized a magic show. Write a report that will be published in your local magazine. (Word limit: 150 words)


Sub: Magic show arranged for the Students of XYZ School

Why do people like magic so much? Magic has been around for numerous years, and people have always seemed to enjoy it. Magic is an achievement of what is thought to be impossible. Recently XYZ School organized a magic show to mark the closing day before the puja vacation. The show was arranged in the school auditorium around 12.30 pm on 20th October this year. The magician was not so renowned but his show was amazing. The first was where he gulped down a newspaper and then took it out of his mouth in the form of string. Surprisingly taking a look on it, he managed it to bring back to its earlier shape. He then took some dust in the palm of his right hand and then closed his fist. When he opened the fist there was a one- rupee coin. He then lit fire inside his mouth. But his trick with the cards was unforgettable. The students burst out into loud cheers. It was very exciting for the students. Now-a-days students dwell in the cyber age but such shows do still win their hearts. The show was indeed a grand success.

Q. Write a letter to A. V. Electronics, Kolkata, making a request for repair or replacement of the A. V. TV Set which you had bought from them only 1 month ago as it has been found some critical defects.



The Distributor

A V Electronics

54 Camac Street

Kolkata -700005


Sub: Repair /Replacement of the TV set purchased recently


I am shocked to inform you of the following which I am placing for your perusal and kind consideration. 

I feel extremely sorry to inform you that I had booked a 39” LED TV set (Model no. KL200018) and the TV set was delivered to my address on 21st January, 2105. But within a few days of its installation it started developing serious defects such as sudden closure, constant static picture and irregular frequency of sound. On 31st January the TV stopped completely. I, therefore request you to make necessary arrangements for repairing or replacing the said TV set without any further delay. I have duly attached the photocopies of the money-receipt and the guarantee card of the TV set for your ready reference.

Looking forward to your quick response

Yours faithfully,

Soma Das


43, Park Street


3rd of March, 2015


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