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Places of Historical Interest in India - Letter Writing (Class - XII)

Experience at a Book Fair – Letter to a Friend 

Class XII Letter Writing

01. Write a letter to your pen friend, giving a brief description of the places of historical interest worth visiting in India.

(Hints: places worth visiting – historical monuments – Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Juma Massjid, Tajmahal etc. – Ajanta and Elora, specimens of India’s ancient art and sculpture.)

18, Ram Mohan Roy Sarani

Culcutta – 700009

Date: 29 May, 2021

Places of Historical Interest in India

My dear Smith,

                I have come to know that you may visit India next winter. So I give you a short account of the places worth visiting in India.

                  India is really a paradise for visitors. The historical monuments of ancient India are scattered in all parts of the country. If you come to Delhi, you must visit the Red Fort, the Qutub Minar, Juma Massjid, Mati Masjid and the Rajghat and the Birla House.

               Also, Agra is a must for all the tourists. You cannot afford to miss the beautiful nTajmahal, a dream of romance in marble, built in the memory of Sahajahan’s wife, Mumtaj.

            If you are a genuine lover of art, you should visit Ajanta and Elora, which are the beautiful specimens of the art, sculpture and culture of our great India.    

             There is too much to say you in the letter in brief. When you come next winter, I’ll obviously guide much. Till then bid you good bye. Best of luck!

Your loving friend,

Komolesh Sorkar

Smith Bradbury

27 Colmore Row

Birminghum, England


02. Write a letter to your friend giving your opinion about his future career.

(Hints: your friend is interested in science – suggesting engineering line – computer engineering is preferred in view of job opportunities – advice)

18, Ram Mohan Roy Sarani

Culcutta – 700009

Date: 29 May, 2021

computer engineering career

My dear Mohanto,

                    You have wanted me to give my opinion about your future career. Here is my suggestion.

                  I know you are genuinely interested in science subjects. So in my opinion the engineering line will suit you best. You can also go in for the medical line, but in view of the present competitive age, engineering line will be better. I don’t mean the general engineering line. I mean computer engineer, which will offer you a wide scope to make a mark. A degree in computer engineering in these days is of great value. But whatever is your course of study, whether medical or engineer or any other, you have to follow it sincerely.

                     How do you like my suggestion? Write to me about it. With best wishes!

Your loving friend


Friend Address

03. Write a letter to your friend about your experience at a Book Fair

(Hints: book fair, a world of books – men and women and children moving from one stall to another – your purchase.)

09 B, Karl Marks Sarani

Culcutta – 700025

Date: 29 May, 2021

Experience at a Book Fair

My dear Amal,

                  You have asked me to give you an account of my experience at the book fair in Kolkata.

                  A book fair, as it always appears to me, is a world of books. This year there were nearly one thousand book stalls. The visitors were allowed to take the books from the shelves, read them and if found to be their liking or meet their requirements, buy them. In other words, the visitors were to pick and choose. The striking feature of the book fair in Kolkata this year was the participation of foreign publishers. I went to the relatively big stalls and choose a few books, suited to my purse and purpose.

               In the book fair I spent about four hours in the company of master-minds, ancient and modern, and returned home in a happy mood.

Yours ever,


Friend Address


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