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Official Letter Topics

 Official Letter - Topics

Official Letter - Topics

Official Letter – Topics 👇👇👇

👉  Application for a job

👉  Required ‘Trainee Journalists’ for a reputed news agency

👉  Tree Plantation Programme

👉  Stop the Mass Killing of Wild Animals

👉  Computer Training


👉  Write a letter to the Head of your institution about a ‘tree plantation programme’ you and your friends have decided to take up in the ground of your school.

28 July 2021


The Headmaster

Memari V.M. Institution (Unit – 2)

Memari, East Burdwan

Tree Plantation Programme

Sub: Invitation to the ‘Tree Plantation Programme’


             We, the students of class XII of your school, beg to state that we have decided to take up a ‘tree plantation programme’ on the ground of our school. Our teachers, Sri Sutanu Mitra and Hon’ble Mousumi Mukherjee have agreed to advise and guide us in this matter. The required plants will be procured from the local municipality free of cost. The teachers and students have decided to start this programme at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, 31 July 2021. 

               All of us are inviting you to the plantation programme on that fixed date and time. You are also requested to arrange lectures on the effect of tree plantation on environment.

Yours faithfully,

Students of class XII


👉  Write a letter to the ‘Union Environment Minister’ expressing your anxiety and requesting to take steps to stop mass killing of wild animals.


The Minister

Environment Department, India

mass killing of wild animals

Sub: Take urgent steps to stop the mass killing of wild animals


              I would like to draw your kind attention to the cruel acts of men towards animals, birds and nature as a whole. Animals are invaluable treasure in nature. Birds and animals maintain the balance of ecosystem. So, they help us live in this world. Besides, birds eat insects which are harmful to crops. 

              But men do not treat well with these good friends. Nowadays, we hunt animals and birds for our needs. People destroyed their dwelling place, ‘Forest’. So, their dwelling places are decreasing. Roads and railway lines are made through deep forest. So, the sound of the vehicles frightens the animals and birds and they try to flee from those forests. But they don’t find any other place, favourable to them and die at last. Besides, for water pollution aquatic animals are facing a critical situation.

              We should take some steps immediately to save them from extinction. We should make arrangement for breeding of animals and birds. Factories should not be made near forests. Forest committee should make arrangement for keeping their natural habitat intact. The government should publicize the need of Wildlife Conservation through media. Sanctuaries must be made so that animals can live without any anxiety. I think these steps will reduce the cruel acts of Maine towards animals. 

               I, therefore, request you to take those steps show that the number of wild animals is not decreased further.

Yours faithfully

Rajib Bose

Sanatan Pally, Medinipur

28th July 2021


👉  Write a letter to the Headmaster of your school requesting him to introduce training on computer in the school.


The Headmaster

Memari V.M. Institution (Unit -2)

Memari , East Burdwan


computer training

Subject: Making necessary arrangements for ‘computer training’


           I would like to make an earnest request to you to make necessary advancements for computer training in our school. At present it is the age of science and computer is the latest miracle of science. When we read we have to face various problems which we can solve very easily by a computer. Besides, we should keep one thing in mind that it increases our knowledge and will make our future bright. Moreover, it is also very necessary for a student to learn about computer to get any employment in future.

           I, therefore, request you to make some necessary advancement for computer training in our school for the benefit of the students.

Yours obediently,

Bikash Saha

Dated 21st July 2021


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