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A boy and his bravery, saving a passenger train - story writing

A boy and his bravery

A boy and his bravery, saving a passanger train - story writing 

Write a story about the hints given below.

Hints: A train coming – a boy notices – takes off his red shirt- waves- driver sees- stops the train- many lives saved

A boy and his bravery

It was a sunny morning. A 13-year-old boy wearing a red shirt was playing near his garden. One day he had a lot of fun while playing near the railway line not far from his house.

Suddenly, he saw a crack in the rail line. At this point he didn't know what to do. Immediately, he took off his red shirt and started shaking it very smartly.

At the same time a passenger train rushes at its maximum speed on that railway track. Fortunately, the train driver saw the red shirt waving in the air and had to stop the train, a few yards away from breaking the tracks. As a result, the boy's intelligence and bravery saved many lives.


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