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Irony in Ruskin Bond's short story, The Eyes Have It

Irony in Ruskin Bond's short story, The Eyes Have It

Irony in Ruskin Bond's short story, The Eyes Have It

Q. Bring out the irony in Ruskin bond's short story, The Eyes Have It

Answer: "The Eyes Have It" is a short story by Ruskin Bond that features a narrator who is visually impaired and meets a young woman on a train. The story has a notable sense of irony, as the narrator's inability to see is juxtaposed against his heightened awareness of the world around him.

One of the central ironies of the story is that the narrator, who cannot see, is able to describe the young woman he meets on the train in great detail. He notices her appearance, her movements, and even her emotions, which shows his keen sense of observation and sensitivity. However, it is only revealed at the end of the story that the narrator's descriptions are based entirely on his imagination and that the woman was actually a blind passenger, who could not see any more than he could.

Another example of irony in the story is the title itself, "The Eyes Have It." The phrase "the eyes have it" usually means that the majority has voted in favor of something. However, in this story, the eyes are actually absent, as both the narrator and the woman are visually impaired.

Furthermore, the story's setting on a train also highlights the irony of the situation. Trains are typically associated with motion and the ability to see vast landscapes as they pass by. However, for the narrator and the woman, the train journey is a sensory experience that goes beyond sight, as they are forced to rely on other senses to navigate their surroundings.

Overall, "The Eyes Have It" is a subtle yet poignant exploration of the nature of perception and how our senses can deceive us. The story's irony adds depth and complexity to its themes, making it a memorable and thought-provoking read.


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