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Dialogue between two friends on the “Pass – Fail System” (Class - X)

Dialogue between two friends on the “Pass – Fail System”

Dialogue between two friends on the “Pass – Fail System

Anil: Hi Sunil! How are you?

Sunil: O, Anil! Yes I’m fine. What is going on now?

Anil: Naught. Do you hear the government announcement about the abolition pass-fail system up to std. VIII? 

Sunil: I have recently heard that the government has announced that the pass fail system should be abolished till class -VIII for all students and for all schools irrespective of board or medium.

Anil: Then, what you think about this decision?

Sunil: Well, as far as my view is concerned this should not happen. No such rule should be amended. I think that if this happens then the quality of education will deteriorate in our nation and students will no more be hard-working. Also, if this happens the teachers will mainly face the problem in teaching the students who were just passed based on rule but gained no concept of teachings of previous class.

Anil: But I am against the pass-fail system up to standard VIII. The pass-fail system should be abolished and every student should be promoted to next higher classes with a grading system. No one should be denied climbing up the ladder up to class VIII. 

Sunil: Why do you think so? 

Anil: Because, the children are very immature up to VIII, and a pass fail system brings great mental change in them. Moreover, parents of children who fail in the exams and denied promotion to higher classes feel differently, and accuse the teacher or the school as a reason, or they raid the school seeking justice.

Anil: Really?

Sunil: Yes, One more point is that all students get a psychological support that he is not going to fail in exam some time it becomes negative reinforcement for the students. But he still does not understand how to get good grade in exam. So I think it's a good one. 

Anil: Well, you’re right. Yet, who will study then if the pass fail system is abolished in our education system? However, all the decision is under the consideration of our government. See you next.

Sunil: Ok! Bye bye! Take care of you. Have a nice day.


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