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Editorial Letter - Topics

    πŸ‘‰  The unwanted uses of ‘Plastic Carry Bags’– Editorial Letter

    πŸ‘‰  Write an Editorial letter concerning the unwanted uses of plastic carry bags.


    The Editor

    The Statesman

    Kolkata 700 001


    Unwanted uses of plastic carry bags - Editorial Letter

    Subject: unwanted uses of plastic carry bags


              May I request you kindly to allow me to highlight the misuse of the plastic carry bags through your esteemed daily?

              Change is a universal law. From the dawn of civilization, men have undergone a great change. With the march of civilization, men have not given proper attention to nature. They have not, unfortunately, realized nature's role in their survival an existence. Instead, they have done wrong to nature and have been doing the same even today. The glaring example is the misuse of plastic carry bags.

              This little thing made up of plastic is non biodegradable and is very much harmful to the nature. Though it seems to us ‘what can this little thing do’, this when dumped in the soil silently destroys the fertility of the soil. Though it’s a great useful substance, it’s harmfulness can easily surpass its usefulness. Still human beings have not realized it. Plastic bags are indiscriminately used everywhere. Strict laws have been enforced against it. Who cares the laws? Even the law enforces indulge in the use of the plastic carry bags. And in case of our city, it is used everywhere at random.

    It is said, ‘human magnanimity is unquestioned’. But the evidence shows human beings utter foolishness and stupidity. They do think to be more civilized actually they are becoming more uncivilized. Without bothering they are destroying the Mother Nature. They have become so foolish that they are trying to endanger their existence. These obnoxious acts have forced me to write this letter in sheer disgust. I shall be highly obliged if you kindly provide little space in your esteemed daily for this letter. This may draw the attention of the authorities for taking immediate actions.


    Yours faithfully

    Rony Roy

    Date: 13th August 2021


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