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Personal Letter Topics

Personal Letter – Topics

Personal Letter – Topics

Personal Letter – Topics

👉  Sunderban Biosphere Reserve – Letter to a friend

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👉  Write a letter to a friend describing him the necessity of protection and preservation of the ‘Sunderban Biosphere Reserve’.

Dakshin Mathpara

Udainarayanpur, Howrah

2nd June 2021


Sunderban Biosphere Reserve - Personal Letter

My dear Amal,

                        I received your letter last Monday. I am very happy to know that you are all well. I came to know from your letter that you wanted to know about the necessity and importance of the protection and preservation of the flora and fauna of Sunderban Biosphere Reserve.

                    Sundarban has its geographical area toward the south of West Bengal. Here various types of trees like Sundari, Hogola, Garan etc. are found. These types of trees cannot be found in anywhere of West Bengal. These trees are also very useful to men. But we do not treat well with these good friends. Nowadays we cut them mercilessly and use logs as fuels.  But we are not doing well with the trees. We get various types of medicines from trees. Moreover felling up trees disturbs the ecosystem. So, we must save trees to save ourselves. The tree awareness must be grown among the people. Plantation of trees must be taken up as a routine work with the motto, ‘each one to plant one.’ The ‘Sunderban Biosphere Reserve’ committee should take some necessary steps to protect trees. They should prevent woodcutters from entering in Sunderland. They should plant more trees in that area.

                 Fauna is also an invaluable wealth of nature. Many types of fauna like hippopotamus, crocodile, water snakes etc. are found in Sunderban. The national beast ‘Royal Bengal Tiger’ is found here. But we do not treat well with them also. We are killing them for our needs. Thus many types of fauna are extinct now.

                 ‘Sunderban Biosphere Reserve’ committee should make arrangement for breeding. Thus, the number of faunas can be increased. However, what's your opinion? Let me know it in your next letter.

Yours ever

Santanu Ghosh


👉  Write a letter to your friend advising him how you fared in the test examination, conducted by the school.

Memari, Hospital More

Memari, East Burdwan -713146

20th July 2021


Test Examination - personal letter

My dear Nikhil,

                      I received your letter last Monday. I am very glad to know that you are all well. I come to know from your letter that you have wanted to know about my feelings on the day just before the test began.

                   Our test examination began on 18th January this year. Now I am very happy because I gave all the examinations well. But the day just before the test examination began, I was very much nervous.

                   I had to revise all the subjects twice and I had taken valuable suggestions from my private tutors to follow. I had prepared all the subjects up to my satisfaction. But still there was a fear in my mind.

                  I expect to secure full marks in maths. You know that I am weak in English. I could not do well in English in the half yearly examination. But this time I worked hard to make up my weakness. I had taken special coaching in English and I did well in the English examination. Last of all, I can say that I will get above 80% marks.

No more today, more when we meet. With regards to your parents, I remain.

Yours ever,

Noresh Mondol


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