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Macbeth M.C.Q (01-15)


William Shakespeare

Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (M.C.Q)

Macbeth  William Shakespeare  Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (M.C.Q)

1. Macbeth is a story of

... Answer is D)
an ambitious man ending in his tragedy

2. The play Macbeth by Shakespeare is a

... Answer is C)

3. The protagonist of the play Macbeth is

... Answer is B)

4. Duncun was the king of

... Answer is A)

5. Duncun was killed by

... Answer is D)

6. Duncan, the king of Scotland was by nature

... Answer is A)

7. Macbeth was held in high esteem at court because he

... Answer is B)
was a brave fighter

8. Macbeth defeated a rebel army which was associated by

... Answer is C)
the troops of Norway

9. Macbeth and Banquo met the witches

... Answer is C)
in a blasted heath

10. Macbeth and Banquo met

... Answer is B)
three witches

11. Three ‘witches’ symbolically represent three aspects of mind, they are  

... Answer is B)
conscious, unconscious and subconscious

12. Three witches, Macbeth and Banquo met looked like women excepting that they had

... Answer is A)

13. When Macbeth first addressed three witches, they were

... Answer is B)
seemingly offended

14. Before the witches were seen by Macbeth, he was

... Answer is D)
the thane of Glamis

15. The three witches predicted that

... Answer is A)
Macbeth would be the next king

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