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Tom loses a Tooth by Mark Twain - Textual Questions & Answers

Tom loses a Tooth

Mark Twain

Tom loses a Tooth by Mark Twain - Textual Questions & Answers

Textual Questions & Answers

    Exercise 1 (M.C.Q)

    Tick the correct answer from the given alternatives.

    (a) Sunday

    (b) Monday

    (c) Thursday

    (d) Saturday

    Answer: (b) Monday

    (a) Call a doctor

    (b) Bring him some medicines

    (c) Surely pull it out

    (d) Tell him to rest

    Answer: (c) Surely pull it out

    3. Tom drew his sore toe from under the –

    (a) Sheet

    (b) Blanket

    (c) Pillow

    (d) Mosquito net

    Answer: (a) Sheet


    (a) The doctor

    (b) Mary

    (c) The nurse

    (d) Aunt Polly

    Answer: (d) Aunt Polly

    5. The thread that Mary got Aunt Polly was made of -

    (a) Cotton

    (b Jute

    (c) Silk

    (d) Wool

    Answer: (c) Silk

    Tom loses a Tooth by Mark Twain - Aunt Polly

    Exercise 2 (S.A.Q)

    Answer the following questions within fifteen words.

    1. Which one of Tom’s teeth had come loose?

    Answer: One of Tom’s upper front teeth had come loose.

    Answer: Sid is Tom’s brother and Mary is Tom’s cousin.

    Answer: Tom asked Sid not to stir him because he thought that stirring might disturb his false moaning.

    Answer: Tom pretended his toe was paining because he wanted to stay at home evading school.

    Exercise 3 (D.A.Q)


    Answer: Tom remembered hearing from a doctor that a certain ailment could lay up a patient for three days and this would make him lose a finger.

    Answer: Aunt Polly heard the news that Tom was in a dying stage but she did not believe it and expressed her disgust at it.

    3 How was Tom’s loose teeth taken out?

    Answer: Aunt Polly fixed one end of the silk thread to Tom’s teeth and the other end to the bed-post. The tooth was taken out and it hung dangling by the bed-post.

    Grammar in use

    Read the following sets of sentences

    Set 1 (a) Tom is dying.

              (b) Tom groaned louder. 

    Set 2 (a) Is Tom dying?

              (b) Did Tom groan louder?

    In Set 2, both the sentences are Interrogative Sentences.

    Assertive sentences are transformed into Interrogative Sentences by placing the auxiliary verbs before the subject and the main verb immediately after the subject.

    Assertive Sentences that do not have an auxiliary verb are transformed into Interrogative Sentences by providing an auxiliary according to the senses of the sentences.

    Now, read the following sets of sentences.

    Set 3 (a) Tom, what a shock you give me!

              (b) Tom requested his aunt not to pull it out.

    In Set 3, the first sentence is Exclamatory and the second sentence is Imperative.

    In set 4, both the sentences are Assertive.

    Exclamatory Sentences are transformed into Assertive Sentences by decreasing the emotional content of the sentences and removing the exclamatory mark to give the sentences the form of statement.

    Set 5 (a) He wished that he was sick.

              (b) Tom you will not die.

    Set 6 (a) He wished that he was not well.

              (b) Tom, you will remain alive.

    In Set 5, the first sentence is an Affirmative Sentence and the second sentence is a Negative Sentence

    In set 6, the first sentence is Negative and the second sentence is an Affirmative Sentence.

    👉  Affirmative Sentences are transformed into Negative Sentences with certain modifications, like using words as not, no, never etc. without effecting any change in meaning.

    👉  Negative Sentences are transformed into Affirmative Sentences with certain modification, by removing words as not, no, never etc. without effecting any change in meaning.

    Exercise 4 (Transformation of Sentences)

    Do as directed.

    (a) Rafique was running fast. (Change into an Interrogative Sentence)

    Answer: Was Rafique running fast?

    (b) The boy would never forget the exciting incident. (Change into an Affirmative Sentence)

    Answer: The boy would always remember the exciting incident.

    (c) We had a wonderful time last evening. (Change into an Exclamatory Sentence)

    Answer: What a time we had last evening!

    (d) He loves to play football. (Change into an Interrogative Sentence)

    Answer: Does he love to play football?

    (e) Rina tried all her plans. (Change into a Negative Sentence)

    Answer: Rina left on plans untried.

    (f) Shut the door, Robin. (Change into an Assertive Sentence)

    Answer: Robin should shut the door. 

    Read the following sentences

    Set 7 (a) A certain ailment could lay up a patient on bed for three days.

              (b) This year in the month of June the monsoon has set in.

              (c) I cannot put up with such rude behaviour.

    Set 8 (a) a certain ailment could confine a person to bed for three days.

              (b) This year in the month of June the monsoon has begun.

              (c) I cannot tolerate such rude behaviour.

    In Set 7, the underlined parts of each sentence combined with prepositions or adverbs, or in some cases, both. Such combinations are called phrasal verbs.

    In Set 8, we see that the underlying parts substitute the phrasal verbs mentioned in Set 7.

    Exercise 5 (Phrasal Verbs)

    Replace the underline words with suitable phrasal verbs from the list given below. Change the form of verb’s where necessary. There is one extra phrasal verb in the list.

    (List of phrasal verbs: look into; make out; Look for; Came round; Give in; Call up)

    (a) The enemy surrounded without a fight.

    Answer: Give in

    (b) The child was cured in a month.

    Answer: Come round

    (c) The police investigated the case.

    Answer: Looked into

    (d) Pooja could understand what her sister said.

    Answer: Make out

    (e) The old man could not remember his childhood experiences.

    Answer: Call up


    Write report within 100 words for an English daily using the given information.

    Incident: severe cyclone 140 kilometers per hour

    Date: May 27, 2021

    Time: 6:45 PM

    Place: coastal areas of West Bengal

    Cause: depression in the Bay of Bengal

    Result: 60 people died, many homeless, train services disrupted

    Relief: state government provided immediate relief

    👉 Cyclone 'Yash' - Report Writing


    Cyclone hits coastal West Bengal

    -by a staff Reporter


    Cyclone 'Yash'

    Kolkata, May 27, 2021: A severe cyclone with a speed of 140 kmph. The severe attack of the Cyclone namely ‘Yash’ hits in the coastal areas of West Bengal at 5:45 pm yesterday were due to deep depression in the Bay of Bengal. 

    The cyclone spread to the coastal areas of the state causing extensive loss of life and property. Persons have died and thousands have been left homeless. Train service has been disrupted, leaving several people stranded. The state government has taken immediate steps to provide relief to the victims. 

    More than 5,000 people have been evacuated to temporary relief centers. The Chief Minister reviewed the situation and assured the people of all assistance.

    Exercise 6

    Write a newspaper report on a road accident within 100 words using the following points

    Points: Brake failure of a bus – collided with a truck- 5 injured including a child and a woman- injured sent to hospital- released with first aid- traffic disrupted- police intervened- normalcy restored.

    👉 Road Accident - Report Writing

    Brake failure bus collides with a truck

    -By staff reporter

    Road Accident - bus collides with a truck

    Burdwan, June 02, 2021: Yesterday at 12:30 in the morning an accident took place at Birhata junction near Burdwan police line when a minibus heading to Budwan from Tarakeswar suddenly collided with a truck. 

    The report says that the bus brake failure was behind the accident. Fortunately, no one was killed in the crash, but five passengers, including a child and a woman, were injured. 

    According to the passengers, the sick bus was traveling at high speed but lost control of the driver's brakes near Birhata junction and crashed into the back of a truck. 

    Locals rushed to the spot. The injured passengers were immediately rushed to the nearest hospital where they were released after first aid. Traffic was disrupted due to the collision. Police rushed to the spot, brought the heated situation under control and returned to normalcy within an hour.


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