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Mr. Bean, the world famous comedian - Biography

 Mr. Bean (Rowan Sebastian Atkinson)

The World Famous Comedian

Mr. Bean, the world famous comedian - Biography

Mr. Bean, the world famous comedian - Biography

Nowadays, people have almost forgotten to laugh at the pressure of work and life like a horse race. This is why we require actors in the current era. And Mr. Bean, everyone's favorite comedian, was always ready to put a smile on the faces of all these goofy people. No! It’s not his real name. The name given by his father is almost forgotten behind the popularity of Mr. Bean.

Mr. Bean never dreamed of becoming such a comedian. We will come to know how he turned from an electrical engineer to a comedian.  

Mr. Bean aka Rowan Sebastian Atkinson was born on January 6, 1955 in Newcastle, USA.

His father, Eric Atkinson was a farmer by profession and a company director. The youngest member was Mr. Bean. However, after growing up, Rowan Atkinson left Newcastle University to study at Oxford University.

But when he got there, he took a turn. At Oxford University he became acquainted with the famous screenwriter Richard Curtis. After that, the two of them consulted together and built a theater in Oxford. 

Mr. Bean aka Rowan Sebastian Atkinson

Here he used to direct plays as well as learn plays. From then on, Mr. Bean became involved in the world of acting. His comedy, first performed at the Hampstead Theater in 198, attracted a large audience.

He later starred in two series on British television. Rejecting all that, the BBC's Loko Kahini (Folk tales) starred in Not the Nine and Clock News. The series also received a wide response and was added to the list of best-selling books.

He later won Emmy Awards and a British Academy Award for his successive hit theaters. Get acquainted with it as BBC Personality of the Year. Even his shows at the London Globe Theater run in absolutely houseful condition. Due to which he won the Society of West and Fair Award.

But Mr. Bean's journey did not stop there. He graduated from Oxford Academy with a degree in Electrical Engineering and became one of the best comedians in the world in 1970.

In 1973, he resumed working with school writing writer Richard Curtis, and went on a world tour with his own series. After that, he worked day and night in the movie The Tall Guy and at night in The Sninz.

However, in addition to the theater, Mr. Bean was praised for his performance opposite the Cinco woman in the Bond movie Never Say Never Again. In 1979, he starred in the short film The Assignment of Dennis Jennings with Steven Wright. However, his latest film was Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Mr. Bean & Sunetra Shastri

He later took a break from acting and married Sunetra Shastri, a famous makeup artist, in 1990. He started acting in the world famous Mr. Bean in 1990 after entering his married life.

Mr. Bean is known all over the world as a famous comedian who did a lot of fun in this show without any words. The series was written by Robin Driscoll and Rowan Atkinson himself. His other notable films include The Secret Police Man's Ball, The Black Eder, Black Eder's Crispas Carroll, Black Eider Goes Fourth, The Witch, Bernard and the Jenny, Hot Shorts Part Dews and several other movies and TV series. The journey from Rowan Atkinson to Mr. Bean was as difficult as it was a life of humor.


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