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Class XI – (Practice Set – 04) MCQ & SAQ

 Class XI – (Practice Set – 04) MCQ & SAQ


Class XI – (Practice Set – 04) MCQ & SAQ

    M.C.Q (Prose) QUESTIONS

    1. Complete the sentences that follow choosing the correct answer from the alternatives given:

    (i) “Leela made a noise of deprecation” - here the word ‘deprecation’ means- (a) indifference (b) agreement (c) disapproval (d) praise

    (ii) The name of the two soldiers were – (a) Bill and Tom (b) Tom and Jim (c) Bill and Jim (d) Jim and John

    (iii) “Jimmy Valentine” was written by- (a) H. Wordsworth (b) O. Henry (c) Leo Tolstoy (d) Ruskin Bond

    (iv) According to Mother Teresa, the greatest destroyer of peace today is- (a) abortion (b) war (c) drug addiction (d) divorce

    (v) The objective of our education is – (a) total development (b) total self-sacrifice (c) total dedication (d) total recreation

    S.A.Q (Poetry) QUESTIONS

    2. Answer any five of the following questions in a single sentence

    (i) Who gave company in playing with Layla?                   

    (ii) Where did Sidda serve before coming to Sivasankar’s house?

    (iii) “Get the nigger out”- Whom does the word ‘nigger’ refer to?

    (iv) What was the condition of the mirror in the Railway station’s first class room?

    (v) Why was Jimmy sent to the prison?

    (vi) Who was Ben Price?

    (vii) According to Mother Teresa who can teach us so many beautiful things?

    (ix) Mother Teresa received the Nobel Prize in what year?

    (x) What are the two aspects to the practice of literature?

    (i) Why should seasonal festival be held?

    S.A.Q (Prose) ANSWER

    (i) Sidda gave company in playing with Layla.

    (ii) Sidda served in a doctor’s house before coming to Sivasankar’s house.

    (iii) The word ‘nigger’ referred to Sir Mohan Lal.

    (iv) The mirror in the Railway station’s first class room is the red oxide at its back had come off at several places and long lines of translucent glass cut across its surface.

    (v) Jimmy was sent to prison because of his doing burglary

    (vi) Ben Price is a detective who wants to take Jimmy red handed. To work on the Springfield case he knew Jimmy’s habits.

    (vii) According to Mother Teresa the poor people who are great can teachers so many beautiful things.

    (viii) In 1979 Mother Teresa received the Nobel Prize.

    (ix) There two aspects of the practice of literature are ‘fine arts’ and ‘functional art’.

    (x) Seasonal festivals should be held to know the Nature- its fruits and flowers that have been the product of Art and Literature.

    M.C.Q (Poetry) QUESTIONS

    3. Complete the sentences that follow choosing the correct answer from the alternatives given:

    (i) The poet was crossing the Westminster Bridge – (a) in the afternoon (b) in the morning (c) at night (d) in the evening.

    (ii) In fiery ringlets- ‘fiery’ means- (a) prudent (b) weak (c) proud (d) ardent

    (iii) The rhyme scheme of the poem, ‘The Sick Rose’ is- (a) abcd, defe (b) abab, defe, (c) abce, defe (d) abcd, defe

    (iv) Octavia Paz is a - (a) Belgian writer (b) Canadian writer (c) British writer (d) Mexican writer

    (v) The wind ask the wood-bird to- (a) fold its wings (b) awake and sing (c) to sleep (d) unfold its wings

    S.A.Q (Poetry) QUESTIONS 

    4. Answer any five of the following questions in a single sentence each:

    (i) Why do all things look bright and glittering described by William Wordsworth?

    (ii) Which people are ‘dull of soul’?

    (iii) Why is the ‘yellow half-moon’ large and low?

    (iv) How does the speaker realize that his beloved is alerted?

    (v) Who, according to Octavia Paz, writes the destiny of men?

    (vi) “I too am written” – why is the word ‘too’ used here?

    (vii) Why did the wind cross the churchyard with a sigh?

    (viii) What did the wind say to the forest?

    (ix) What does the ‘rose’ stand for?

    (x) Why is the worm called ‘invisible’?

    S.A.Q (Poetry) ANSWER

    (i) The sun extraordinarily steeped in his splendor and the smokeless air makes all things look bright and glittering.

    (ii) Those people are ‘dull of soul’ who can ignore the impressive beauty of the City of London in the early morning’s placid serenity.

    (iii) The moon had passed its second phase so it is large and as the sky is not so clear it makes the moon dimmed that is low.

    (iv) The phrases made by his beloved ‘the quick sharp scratch’ and ‘a voiceless loud’ could realize the speaker that his beloved is alerted.

    (v) The stars- the unseen superpower writes the Destiny of Man.

    (vi) At first Octavia Paz expresses the apparent insignificance of the human being in this vast universe. But at the end he reverses it saying “I too am written” so he also has a very special place in the scheme of the universe.

    (vii) The wind crossed with a sigh because so many dearest people, who were buried under the churchyard, had gone to an eternal sleep.

    (viii) The wind said to the forest to shout as the day is coming. It told the forest to hang out there leafy banners like festivals as the day breaks.

    (ix) Rose is a flower which also stands for the symbol of love.

    (x) Worm is a deceit. In the howling storm it has found out rose’s bed. It is invisible because rose is not aware of it at all.

    M.C.Q (Drama) QUESTIONS

    5. Complete the sentences that follow, choosing the correct answer from the alternatives given:

    (i) Duncan was the king of- (a) France (b) Scotland (c) England (d) Ireland

    (ii) Macbeth was influenced by the prophecies of – (a) the tree witches (b) a priest (c) a Bishop (d) a king

    (iii) Brabantio had a daughter whose name was – (a) Celia (b) Olivia (c) Desdemona (d) Rosalind

    (iv) Othello became confused about- (a) Desdemona’s honesty (b) Iago’s honesty (c) both Desdemona and Iago’s honesty (d) his own honesty

    (v) Antipholus of Ephesus saved the life of- (a) Adriana’s father (b) Adriana’s mother (c) Dromio (d) Luciana.

    (vi) Ageon could not pay the fine to the Duke because (a) he was very poor (b) he had become bankrupt (c) he had no money with him (d) none of these

    (vii) Orlando was the son of- (a) Sir Rawland de Boys (b) Frederick (c) Oliver (d) Ferdinand

    (viii) Rosalind took the disguise of a boy named- (a) Malcolm (b) Ganymede (c) Banquo (d) Adam

    (ix) Viola could guess that Olivia had fallen in love with- (a) Cesario (b) Orsino (c) Theseus (d) Antonio

    (x) Illyria was governed by- (a) Duke Antonio (b) Duke Edward (c) Duke Orsino (d) Duke Demetrius


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