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Characters in Christopher Marlowe's play, Edward II

Characters in Marlowe's play, Edward II

Characters in Marlowe's play, Edward II

Christopher Marlowe's play "Edward II" features a range of characters, each playing a significant role in the narrative. Here are the main characters in the play:

King Edward II: The titular character, King Edward II, is depicted as a flawed monarch whose infatuation with his favorite, Piers Gaveston, leads to his downfall. Edward II is portrayed as impulsive, reckless, and neglectful of his duties as a king, prioritizing his personal desires over the well-being of the kingdom.

Queen Isabella: Queen Isabella is Edward II's wife and plays a crucial role in the play. Initially loyal to her husband, she becomes disillusioned and resentful due to his neglect and his obsession with Gaveston. Isabella eventually aligns herself with the nobles, particularly Mortimer, and becomes a key figure in the events that lead to Edward II's downfall.

Piers Gaveston: Gaveston is Edward II's favorite and closest companion. He holds significant influence over the king, which leads to resentment and hostility from the nobles. Gaveston's flamboyant behavior and his position as the king's confidant make him a target for the nobles' wrath and ultimately contribute to Edward II's political downfall.

Roger Mortimer: Roger Mortimer is a powerful noble and one of Edward II's most prominent adversaries. He despises Gaveston's influence over the king and is determined to remove him from power. Mortimer becomes a central figure in the rebellion against Edward II and eventually gains control over the kingdom.

Lancaster: Lancaster, also known as Thomas, is another influential noble who opposes Edward II and Gaveston. He resents the king's favoritism and aligns himself with Mortimer in an attempt to curb the king's power. Lancaster plays a significant role in the rebellion against Edward II and his subsequent downfall.

Kent: Kent is Edward II's half-brother and initially supports the king. However, he later switches sides and becomes one of the king's staunchest opponents. Kent's loyalty to the crown is tested as he witnesses Edward II's misrule and its consequences.

Young Mortimer: Young Mortimer is the nephew of Roger Mortimer and becomes a key player in the events that unfold in the play. He joins forces with the other nobles in their rebellion against Edward II and plays a vital role in the downfall of the king.

These are some of the prominent characters in Marlowe's "Edward II," each contributing to the complex web of political intrigue, power struggles, and personal conflicts that drive the narrative of the play.


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