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Semester system for class 11 will be implemented from 2024, class 12 in 2025-26

Semester system for class 11 will be implemented from 2024, class 12 in 2025-26

Semester system for class 11 will be implemented from 2024, class 12 in 2025-26

The rules of the high school exam have changed! Until recently, students of class 12th had to take the admit card and go to another school to take the exam only once. Accordingly, from the academic year 2025-26, the higher secondary examination will be twice a year! That means candidates will have to go to another school twice to take the H.S. Final Exam.

According to the National Education Policy, the Higher Secondary Education Council has announced the division of the 11th and 12th curriculum into four semesters. This time (2024) those who pass secondary school and will be admitted to class 11th, they will take class 11th and 12th exams in this semester system.

What has changed in the rules of higher secondary?

1. The examination will be conducted in total four semesters for class XI and XII. The school will take two semesters of class XI. The parliament will take two semesters of class XII. However, the assessment of higher secondary will be only from the last two semesters. Remaining two semesters will not be considered for results.

2. The two semesters of class XI will be called first and second semester. And the two semesters of twelfth will be called third and fourth semesters. Admit card will be given to the students after the 12th class before the third semester. With that admit card, the students will go for the third and fourth semester exams in other schools.

3. First and third semester will be in the month of November. And the second and fourth semester will be in the month of March. Students who are going to take admission in class 11 through Madhyamik this time, they will have to take the first semester exam in November. The second semester will be in March. After reaching class 12th they have to give third semester again in November. The fourth semester will be in March.

4. First and third semester examination will be MCQ questions. First semester school will take care of itself. But third semester will be in OMR sheet. The computer will look at the account. And second and fourth semester will be big questions.

5. Candidates will have to give 100 marks in both class 11th and 12th. These 100 marks will be from written and project or practical. For example, science students have to give written exam with 70 marks. 30 marks allotted for practical. For those who do not have a laboratory based test, the written test will be of 80 marks. 20 marks will be allotted for the project.

6. Let's say a student is admitted in class 11 with science. The written exam of 70 marks that he will have to appear will be in two semesters. That is, 35 marks in first semester and 35 marks in second semester. First 35 marks will be in MCQ questions. Next 35 marks will be big questions. Similarly, the written examination of 80 marks will be conducted in two semesters with 40 marks. At the end of the year practical or project marks will be added.

7. The duration of the first three semesters will be one and a half hours. The duration of the fourth semester will be two hours.

8. If a student gets zero in any subject in the first semester, he/she will have the opportunity to bring up the pass marks in the next semester. This rule is applicable for class XI and XII. But the parliament has said that if a student fails in the project or practical despite passing the written test, then that student will be considered as a failure in that matter.

After assuming charge of Higher Secondary Education Council, President Chiranjeev Bhattacharya brought forward the idea of twice a year examination in line with the All India level. After that a committee was formed in this regard. Based on the report of that committee, the Parliament decided to conduct higher secondary education in semester system. Chiranjeev explained the method in detail in a press conference on Thursday (March 14, 2024).


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