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Safe Drive Save Life (Class - X)

Safe Drive, Save Life

Safe Drive, Save Life

"Safe Drive, Save Life" is the dream project of Mamata Banerjee, honorable Chief Minister of West Bengal.

The campaign was launched by Hon'ble (Do pronounce as ‘honourable’)  CM on 8th July at Nazrul Manch where she addressed Kolkata Traffic Police, West Bengal Traffic Police and Transport Dept. personnel.

Honorable CM expressed her great concern to the increasing number of road traffic accidents and advised traffic officers for strict enforcement with sensitive handling of defaulters. She also emphasized on mass education campaign to sensitize people about precautionary measures to avoid such accidents. The event included awareness rally by KTP (Kolkata Traffic Police) personnel from different parts of the city. They have launched a theme song, campaign films regarding the safety awareness.

In the finish Hon'ble (Do pronounce as ‘honourable’) CM flagged off a motorcycle rally of Kolkata Traffic Police sergeants on bikes to various parts of Kolkata to spread the message, "Safe Drive, Save Life". Let us join the movement.


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