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Class-XII Project on 'An Interview of an Eminent Person'

Fictitious Interview of an Eminent Person

Class-XII Project on 'An Interview of an Eminent Person'

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Project Work

Submitted by

Name of the student: ___________________________

Roll No.: _____________

Section: ______________

Registration No.: ____________________(2019-2020)

In partial fulfillment to category – XII English Course

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    Project Work


    An Interview of an Eminent Person

    Fictitious Interview of an Eminent Person, Sourav Ganguly

    Sourav Ganguly, a former cricketer cum Captain in Indian Cricket Team

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    👉  Acknowledgement

    This project has given us golden chance for learning and self-development through cooperative activities. I want to thank respected Mr. /Mrs.__________________________ to whom I owe especially for preparing this project based on “An Interview of an Eminent Person”, Sourav Ganguly, a former cricketer cum Captain in Indian Cricket Team.

    I do want to extend my heartfelt thanks to my friends, parents and others who helped me in various ways to make a final draft of this work and submit the same to our school.


     Signature of the student

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    This is to certify that this Project Report entitled “An Interview of AN Eminent Person, Sourav Ganguly, a former cricketer cum Captain in Indian Cricket Team” submitted by ___________________ Class XII Roll No._______ Registration No. ______________ Year_________ submitted in partial fulfillment to class XII English Course during the academic year 2018-2020 is a bonafide record of project work carried out under my guidance and supervision. 


     Signature of the Project Guide

     Name: ……………………....

     Designation: Assistant teacher

     Department: English

     School: Memari V. M. Institution (Unit-2)

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    👉  Contents

    1. Introduction                         Page

    2. Procedures and Input           Page

    3. Output of the project            Page

    4. Conclusion                           Page

    5. References/Bibliography     Page

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    👉  Introduction

    An interview could be a speech communication wherever queries area unit asked and answers area unit given. In common formulation, the word "interview" refers to a one-on-one conversation between an interviewer and an interviewee. The enquirer asks inquiries to that the respondent responds, usually so information may be transferred from interviewee to interviewer (and any other audience of the interview). Sometimes, information can be transferred in both directions. It is a communication, unlike a speech, which produces a one-way flow of knowledge. 

    1.1 Project in our syllabus:

    As per the new syllabus, Project work has been included as a part of the curriculum. We have created the selection per the provision of works.

    1.2 Objectives: We will be capable of

    (i) Identifying the characters, plots in the story

    (ii) Dramatizing the story as a play by writing dialogue and adding dramatizing elements. 

    1.3 Guiding Principle:

    (i) A narrative may be remodeled into a drama by adding dramatic components.

    (ii) Every portion may be increased by giving correct dialogue to the characters. 

    1.4 Limitations

    (i) The period for the whole project was solely 10 periods.

    (ii)We don’t know much about a full-length drama.

    (iii) Before this project, we tend to didn’t have a lot of plan regarding dramas. So, our notion regarding this specific style was terribly restricted.

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    👉  Procedures and Input

    For the project entitled “An Interview of an Eminent Person, Sourav Ganguly” we worked in groups and sometimes in pairs through a systematic process. Our teacher mounted ten interventions for making the project effective. The details of our activities are enumerated below: 

    First intervention: On the first day, we chose the subject “An Interview of an Eminent Person, Sourav Ganguly”. We planned that a rich pleasant script can be made to develop step by step. Then we went through the main events of the interview and studied the characters and setting. 

    Second intervention: On the second day, we explored the behavioral types of each of the characters.

    Third intervention: On the fourth day, we were divided into groups and the story was divided into different parts. Then we started writing dialogues. Our teacher sketched the necessary improvisations and modifications. 

    Fourth intervention: On the fifth day developed a draft script as per the directions that got by our teacher.

    Fifth intervention: On the sixth day, we distributed copies of the draft script to each group and the instruction was to go through the script. We incorporated a number of dialogues and erased some of them according to the suggestions made by the teacher for a better impact. 

    Sixth intervention: Roles were distributed through tests. Then short listed students were asked to read out their script roles

    Seventh intervention: On the seventh day, the copy of the final script was distributed to each student. Rehearsal of the drama started. Some students got off-stage duties like taking part in music, preparing the stage, arranging props etc. our teacher were unanimously selected the director to conduct the rehearsal.

    Eighth intervention: On the eighth day, a rehearsal was performed while not taking facilitate of the script and any enhancements were created in our acting skills. 

    Ninth intervention: On the ninth day, the drama was performed in our school auditorium. We were asked to evaluate the performance. This was given as our Homework.

    Tenth intervention: We read out the evaluation report of the performance and then a general discussion started. Finally the Project Report was submitted for evaluation.

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    👉  Output of the Project

    Interviewer: You are spending a lot of time on the outfield on top of your scheduled time as the president of the CAB. So what is your future plans regarding Bengal’s cricket?

    Sourav Ganguly: I believe that groundwork is very important. And we attempt to give to the simplest of coaching and supervision to the foremost important Bengal cricketers in our Vision Twenty20. Experts like Laxman, Sekhar and Muralitharan has been roped in for this. We have some well-performing cricketers on our hands now. The Ranji Trophy tournament has yielded positive results for us, if only our last match had gone well then we'd have ended up because the leading team in our group. The team has not performed well in the Hazare Trophy, but we were quite successful in the 4 ODIs. I believe that if players who display an excellent amount of potential are selected and provided the specified facilities then positive results are sure to come our way. And CAB’S job is to provide these facilities.

    Interviewer: Through you're saying and what quite initiatives the CAB are taking it's well understood that Sourav Ganguly has appropriated because the captain of the ship. Am I right?

    Sourav Ganguly: This is a place to play and the association exists with the sole purpose of organizing games. When we had played in our days the then CAB authorities had tried to supply us the simplest of cricketing facilities. But during those days opportunities were scarce and investments were hard to come by. But now we have both. So the cricketing skills and temperament of our players are going to be placed on the test and can evidently be developed as a results of playing different, high profile matches in various and tough conditions. In this year itself we had played a pre–season match in Sri Lanka and that we have reaped the advantages of it within the Ranji Trophy. I believe that our players will never improve if they do not play against players who are better than them. I want to send the Bengal team to England next year. It will be expensive but still let’s see what can be done.

    Interviewer: Are you channelling your attention to cultivating any particular type of cricketer: Fast bowler or batsman?

    Sourav Ganguly: We are trying to give our attention in all the areas of Cricket. Laxman is for batting, T.A. Sekhar is for fast bowling and Muralitharan is for spin bowling. Cricketing talents like Amir Dani or Sudipto Pramanik are being cultivated.

    Interviewer: The Indian-subcontinent isn't so good for pace-bowling, isn’t it?

    Sourav Ganguly: We are not lacking in skill. It’s our perspective that we must change. Bowlers like Mohammad Sami, Umesh Jadav are bowling in the 140s and 150s mark. We have some good pace bowlers. Dinda is bowling really fast, there's a boy named Mukesh and there's Virpratap. There are a few of promising fellows in the U-19 squad too. Only our attitude must be changed. If we are conscious about it then change is possible.

    Interviewer: Vision Twenty 20 means results are going to be obtained within 2020?

    Sourav Ganguly: No. The name exists for its sake itself. There is no time limit. It is an ongoing process.

    Interviewer: Now tell me something about the Indian side? 

    Sourav Ganguly: They are about to go to Australia. Our team is a young team, browsing a transitional phase. They will take a while to adopt to the varied conditions. In our own country we were successful 30 years ago and that we still are. We always win on our turning tracks. But it will take some time to be successful in all sorts of pitches.

    Interviewer: How is Virat as a captain?

    Sourav Ganguly: He is successful till now. He has played 2 series till now, but if we start comparing him with Dhoni et al. then it won’t be fair. He should play at least one and a half to two years and only then he should be judged. As a player he is outstanding.

    Interviewer: What are India’s prospects in the 2019 Cricket World Cup?

    Sourav Ganguly: The world cup is still four years from now on. A lot of time. Nothing can be said right now. The tournament will be held in England. India will surely play well. But who knows what is going to be the team composition 4 years later. 

    Interviewer: Isn’t it safe to assume that Dhoni will not be in the squad 4 years later?

    Sourav Ganguly: No, tough to say. Everybody’s body is not the same. He may be able to continue till then. But nothing can be said right now. 4 years is a lot of time. Most of the youngsters will stay. And by that point our Wriddhi also will mature as an ODI player.

    Interviewer: Are Twenty20 matches harming cricket?

    Sourav Ganguly: No I don’t believe that. Just another saleable format, revenue earning format. This is the format which can actually keep all the opposite formats alive. I believe that test cricket is that the original format where the temperament of the players are put to the test. But the modern cricketer must adopt himself according to all the various formats. If he cannot suits the 20-20 format then he will lag behind financially. And that in turn will harm the cricketer even more. 

    Interviewer: It is true that test cricket is the platform where the temperament of the players is put to the test. But can the temperament also be tested by monitoring whether or not that player is able to adjust to the Twenty20 format?

    Sourav Ganguly: Why not? Virat Kohli can, New Zealand team’s Kane Williamson can, Steve Smith of Australia can.

    Interviewer: How can they adjust? Any special skill or technique? 

    Sourav Ganguly: Technique is essential in all formats of the game. But the secret to their success is that they are being able to mentally adopt a lot more efficiently.

    Interviewer: If being modern is the key then why does the Indian DRS(Division Reserve System) not follow this? After all you also…..

    Sourav Ganguly: Many things are not foolproof. But my experience with the DRS is very bad. Yes, if the umpires make a mistake then it can be rectified. But it’s not always accurate. It would be better if ball tracker is employed rather than DRS.

    Interviewer: Why is that?

    Sourav Ganguly: If the ball tracker is used in case of a Bat-pad catch or a caught behind the wicket then we can always get an accurate result. But, if the DRS is used, then the chance of making a judgmental error increases. 

    Interviewer: You have said that the modern format of cricket will keep the original format alive. So what are your thoughts on ISL?

    Sourav Ganguly: ISL has rekindled my passion for football. I was pleased to ascertain the Salt lake stadium full of 70 thousand audiences within the gallery. There is no East Bengal and Mohun Bagan match and yet there are 70 thousand people inside the stadium, it’s a fantastic thing. 

    Interviewer: A lot of people are saying that the quality of the Indian players has improved. But again a lot of people are also criticizing it.

    Sourav Ganguly: Indian players are bound to improve. No matter how much criticism they are facing if the game is not commercially sound improvement of the players is not possible. Look at what is happening with Kabaddi. Who had thought that players like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal will play games in India? East Bengal and Mohun Bagan are struggling to find sponsors. It’s simply a result of bad marketing.

    Interviewer: The public image of the sports authorities in India is not very good. Your juniors have grown up considering you as their role model but now that you have stepped into the role of management they might begin to dislike you. What do you think about that?

    Sourav Ganguly: I have got this responsibility. This is my opportunity to do something good for the game. I have almost forgotten the last time I had played for the CAB League. If I had not got this responsibility then things Vision Twenty20 wouldn't be possible. Whatever I am doing, I am doing it for the game and it’s an honour. This job is not my most favourite job in the world. Still I am using this opportunity to do as much good I can for the game. T20 world cup is coming, the final match will be held in Eden. You should come and see that Eden has changed. Everything ranging from the outfield to the scoreboard will be functioning in a better condition. 

    Interviewer: The kind of confidence you are exuding as management personnel are you aiming to become the BCCI president anytime soon?

    Sourav Ganguly: I have duties elsewhere. I have a young family. So right now my priority is Bengal cricket and its development.

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    👉  Conclusion

    The Project entitled, “An Interview of an Eminent Person, Sourav Ganguly, a former cricketer cum Captain in Indian Cricket Team”offered us a great scope to learn in detail about the process of writing an interview in view of the Indian context and made us learn diverse aspects of literature. We discovered the art of classroom management and rudimentary principles of writing an interview.

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    👉  Bibliography


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