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Class-XII Project on 'Fictitious Interview of an Eminent Person'

Fictitious Interview of an Eminent Person

Class-XII Project on 'Fictitious Interview of an Eminent Person'

Project Work – (Class – XII)

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Project Work

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Name of the student: ___________________________

Roll No.: _____________

Section: ______________

Registration No.: ____________________(2021-2022)

In partial fulfillment to category – XII English Course

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    Project Work


    An Interview of an Eminent Person, Smriti Srinivas Mandhana

    An Interview of an Eminent Person, Smriti Srinivas Mandhana

    Best Women's International Cricketer according to BCCI 

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    👉  Acknowledgement

    This project has given us golden chance for learning and self-development through cooperative activities. I want to thank respected Mr. /Mrs.__________________________ to whom I owe especially for preparing this project based on “An Interview of an Eminent Person”, Smriti Mandhana, the Best Women's International Cricketer according to BCCI.

    I do want to extend my heartfelt thanks to my friends, parents and others who helped me in various ways to make a final draft of this work and submit the same to our school.


                                                                               Signature of the student

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    This is to certify that this Project Report entitled “An Interview of AN Eminent Person, Smriti Mandhana, the Best Women's International Cricketer according to BCCI” submitted by ___________________ Class XII Roll No._______ Registration No. ______________ Year_________ submitted in partial fulfillment to class XII English Course during the academic year 2018-2020 is a bonafide record of project work carried out under my guidance and supervision.


                                                                             Signature of the Project Guide

                                                                             Name: …………………………………………

                                                                             Designation: Assistant teacher

                                                                             Department: English

                                                                             School: Memari V. M. Institution (Unit-2)


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    👉  Introduction

    An interview could be a speech communication wherever queries area unit asked and answers area unit given. In common formulation, the word "interview" refers to a one-on-one conversation between an interviewer and an interviewee. The enquirer asks inquiries to that the respondent responds, usually so information may be transferred from interviewee to interviewer (and any other audience of the interview). Sometimes, information can be transferred in both directions. It is a communication, unlike a speech, which produces a one-way flow of information.

    1.1 Project in our syllabus:

    As per the new syllabus, Project work has been included as a part of the curriculum. We have created the selection per the provision of works.

    1.2 Objectives: We will be capable of

    (i) being an interviewer to make an interview of an eminent person

    (ii) working together in a venturous event and also being confronted to some high profile personalities.

    1.3 Guiding Principle:

    (i) A conversation may be remodeled into an interview by adding some dialogue components.

    (ii) Every portion may be increased by giving correct dialogue to the persons participated in an interview.

    1.4 Limitations

    (i) The period for the whole project was solely 10 periods.

    (ii)We don’t know much about a full-length drama.

    (iii) Before this project, we tend to didn’t have a lot of plan regarding dramas. So, our notion regarding this specific style was terribly restricted.

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    👉  Procedures and Input

    For the project entitled “An Interview of an Eminent Person, Smriti Mandhana” we worked in groups and sometimes in pairs through a systematic process. Our teacher mounted ten interventions for effecting the project. The details of our activities are enumerated below:

    First intervention: On the first day, we chose the subject “An Interview of an Eminent Person, Smriti Mandhana”. We planned that a rich pleasant script can be made to develop step by step. Then we went through the main events of the interview and studied the characters and setting.

    Second intervention: On the second day, we explored the behavioral types of each of the characters.

    Third intervention: On the fourth day, we were divided into groups and the story was divided into different parts. Then we started writing dialogues. Our teacher sketched the necessary improvisations and modifications.

    Fourth intervention: On the fifth day developed a draft script as per the directions that got by our teacher.

    Fifth intervention: On the sixth day, we distributed copies of the draft script to each group and the instruction was to go through the script. We incorporated a number of dialogues and erased some of them according to the suggestions made by the teacher for a better impact.

    Sixth intervention: Roles were distributed through tests. Then short listed students were asked to read out their script roles

    Seventh intervention: On the seventh day, the copy of the final script was distributed to each student. Rehearsal of the drama started. Some students got off-stage duties, like, taking part in music, preparing the stage, arranging props etc. our teacher was unanimously selected the director to conduct the rehearsal.

    Eighth intervention: On the eighth day, a rehearsal was performed while not taking facilitate of the script and any enhancements were created in our acting skills.

    Ninth intervention: On the ninth day, the drama was performed in our school auditorium. We were asked to evaluate the performance. This was given as our Homework.

    Tenth intervention: We read out the evaluation report of the performance and then a general discussion started. Finally the Project Report was submitted for evaluation

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    👉  Out of the project

    Smriti Srinivas Mandhana, a renowned Indian cricketer who played for the Indian women's national team. She is a left-arm opener. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) announced her name as the best female international cricketer in June 2018.

    She was awarded the Rachael Heyhoe-Flint Award for the best female cricketer by the ICC Board (International Cricket Council) in December, 2018. Her name was also announced for the ODI player of the Year by the ICC Board.

    Currently, Smriti Mandhana tops the ICC Women's ODI batting rankings. She is ranked third in the T20 rankings. She can play shots around the wicket and has the gift of giving time which sets him apart from other batsmen.

    But instead of being overwhelmed with praise and admiration, Mandhana is still focused on her ultimate goal to win the World Cup for India.

    Mandhana, who is also a Red Bull athlete, sat down for a free-wheeling chat with a group of journalists on all aspects of cricket. Here is the inclusion of excerpts from the conversation which was made fictitiously. There is no reality among any of the speeches during the real interview with the journalists. It is completely made with a view to demonstrate the school project purpose only:

    Q. How do you feel when you receive the Player of the Year award?

    Smriti: It was good. When I was younger, I remember reading in the newspaper that Jhulan won the ICC award. I think I am very proud that an Indian won that award. And I am very proud to be the second Indian to win. I’m not someone who gets very excited but for the first 15-20 minutes, I felt great. I expected one prize but not two. It certainly inspired me. I played for a long time at that time so I was a little tired mentally, but those rewards made me realize that I had to keep going and work hard.

    Q. You have been declared the best batsman in the world. Do you consider yourself the best? Q. Also, is it important for you to stay on top? Do you think it's like that?

    Smriti: No, I don't boast of myself to be the best in the world. I just wonder how to win a match for India. Everything else is part and parcel of it. My only point when batting is to do what the team needs. The kind of praise comes and goes, you never know what is going to happen, but the victory of India will be with me forever. So that’s what I focus on.

    Q. What do you think the BCCI can do for the formation of women's IPL?

    Smriti: I think they are doing a great job. The BCCI has a definite roadmap on how to go about it. I don't think it would be fair to compare the women's IPL with the Big Bash or any other league because the expectations from Indian cricketers are much higher than anyone else in the world. But we are on the right track. We had two teams last year in the Women's T20 Challenge. There was also a huge crowd. So these are big positives and I think we should focus on them.

    Q. You've achieved a lot - the ICC Awards, the Wisden Awards, the Indian captaincy, the Big Bash deal and much more - what have you thought about your journey so far?

    Smriti: We haven't won the World Cup yet. The main target of our team is to bring that trophy home. If I win the World Cup, I think I have done something good. Personal rewards are pale in comparison. There is the best time to be a cricketer as a woman. Until two years ago, there was no television coverage for women's cricket, we didn't have a good deal, but the 2017 World Cup was a game-changer. I can see a lot of positive aspects now and more girls are starting to play games. The women's IPL will definitely be a great plus.

    An Interview of an Eminent Person, Smriti Srinivas Mandhana

    Q. There is a lot going on in women's cricket in India right now and you are the poster-girl for it. How does that make you feel?

    Smriti: I don't think so, because then there will be more pressure on me. My main target is to win matches for India. It doesn't fact whichever team I play for. So as a cricketer I focus on the things I need to do. We have many legends who have changed the face of women's cricket. We would not have reached ther level if these greats had not done what they did. We have Mitali Di, Jhulu Di, Harry Di, Neetu Ma'am, Diana Ma'am, Shubhangi Ma'am and many more. So it’s not just about the 2017 World Cup, it’s about the efforts of all these players. They have all worked hard and we are reaping the rewards.

    Q. Apart from the technical aspects of the game, how do you prepare yourself mentally? What will you do in your off-season?

    Smriti: Well, we haven't had an off-season in a long time. We got a brief before the Women’s T20 Challenge, but in the long run we didn’t get an accurate one. We used to get off-season before, but the last two years have gone crazy. It has been a complete calendar for women's cricket. I really like to keep things simple. I had a routine but they never worked. As far as the state of mind goes, I just meditate for ten minutes to keep myself calm because I keep thinking that I have to hit the ball here and there. I think about my batting only half an hour after being out without it. I think about the mistakes I made and how to correct them and then I move on. Because if I keep thinking about the mistakes I made, I will repeat them in the next match. So I just try and avoid those thoughts. I only think about my dismissal for half an hour of the match, practice for about three hours to get better and then move on.

    Q. Who do you look up to when you start?

    Smriti: Mitali Di, of course. I remember playing my first home match against her team and I couldn't concentrate at all. I kept looking at him and how he was batting. When I was 11 or 12, Mitali Di was the one we all saw. Honestly, I didn't watch much cricket when I was growing up. It doesn’t fact whether it is male or female. I started following the game when I was 13 or 14 years old. So Mitali Di and Jhulu Di were the people I liked. Now I hear stories of Diana mam, Neetu mam, Shubhangi mam and how they have done amazing things for India.

    Q. What is one thing you have learned from your seniors that is different for you?

    Smriti: The way Jhulu Di has made our youth feel comfortable. I remember he was my first roommate and I was very nervous. I was only 17 years old but she made me feel very comfortable. Within a day, I stopped feeling like sharing a room with Jhulan Goswami. 

    Q. How was the experience of sharing dressing room with foreign stars in the Women's T20 Challenge?

    Smriti: Playing with them is amazing. You can exchange cricket knowledge as well as cultural issues. We all got along well, in particular, with Sophie Ecclestone and Suzy Bates. We went out to dinner several times. We didn’t qualify for the finals and had nothing to do for two days so we were like tourist guides for them around Jaipur, as we know how to speak Hindi. Even Shakera Selman and Stephanie Taylor are very sweet. I played with Stephanie in the English Super League. I was talking to Suzy, who has led the New Zealand team for ten years, and told her where I was wrong in terms of captaincy. I like the way he has improved our team environment.

    Q. You have played under both Mitali and Harmanpreet, what is the difference in their style of captaincy?

    Smriti: I am not one to Judge Mitali Raj or Harmanpreet Kaur because I have not achieved what they have as a player. I am too young to judge their captaincy type.

    Q. Are you satisfied with the rate at which women's cricket is growing in India?

    Smriti: Yes, of course. If you look at the success of the short women's IPL that we just got, there were 15,000 spectators during the match despite the limited advertising. It made me proud as a cricketer. These are baby steps and I think it's even better. Also, winning a World Cup can change things radically.

    Q. What was it like playing in the Super League in England?

    Smriti: It is difficult to go to another country to play in the national league because there are so many cultural differences. One gets very comfortable in the setup of their country. So it takes a few days to adjust after going abroad and playing with strangers. There is one of the things I learned there. When I opened up in a few days and started talking to the girls, the funny side came out to me and it was reflected in my game as well. I was confident after making and adapting two new friends. I realized that the environment and coaching staff is great. So it's time to start doing what I'm here to do. When you go abroad to play like there, you can see and learn a lot. There are a lot of fitter people than you and it hits you hard.

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    👉  Conclusion

    The Project entitled, “An Interview of an Eminent Person, Smriti Mandhana, the Best Women's International Cricketer according to BCCI” offered us a great scope to learn in detail about the process of writing an interview in view of the Indian context and made us learn diverse aspects of literature. We discovered the art of classroom management and rudimentary principles of writing an interview.

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