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Class - XI Project on "Writing an Autobiography"

Writing an ‘Autobiography’: Project (Class – XI)

Class - XI Project on "Writing an Autobiography"

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    Project Work

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    In partial fulfillment to class XI English Course

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    Project Work


    Writing an ‘Autobiography’

    Writing an ‘Autobiography’: Project (Class – XI)

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    This project has given me golden opportunity for learning and self-development through collaborative activities. I want to thank respected Mr. /Mrs.__________________________ to whom I owe specially for preparing this project entitled as an ‘Autobiography’.

    I do want to extend my heartfelt thanks to my friends, parents and others who helped me in various ways to make a final draft of this work and submit the same to our school.

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    This is to certify that this Project Report entitled as an ‘Autobiography’, prepared by ___________________ Class XI Roll No._______ Registration No. ______________ Year 202…-2…. submitted in partial fulfillment to class XI English Course during the academic year 202…-2… is a bonafide record of project work carried out under my guidance and supervision.


     (Signature of the Project Guide)

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     Designation: Assistant teacher

     Department: English


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    1. Introduction 

    Autobiography is one sort of biography, which tells a biography of its author, meaning it's a written account of the author’s life. Rather than being written by somebody else, an autobiography comes through the person’s own pen, in his own words. Some autobiographies are written within the sort of a fictional tale; as novels or stories that closely mirror events from the author’s real world. Such stories include Charles Dickens’ David Copperfield, and J.D Salinger’s The Catcher within the Rye. In writing about personal experience, one discovers himself. Therefore, it's not merely a set of anecdotes – it's a revelation to the readers about author’s self-discovery. In an autobiography, the author attempts to capture important elements of his life. He not only deals together with his career, and growth as an individual , he also uses emotions and facts associated with family life, relationships, education, travels, and any sorts of inner struggles.

    1.1 Project in our syllabus: 

    As per the new syllabus, Project work has been included as a part of the curriculum. We have made the choice according to the availability of works. 

    1.2 Objectives: The main objectives of our project work are - 

    (i) Finding out the structural divisions of a story.

    (ii) Visualizing the story in Indian context.

    (iii) Adding Indian flavor to the strong.

    (iv) Taking more of the characters in Indian context.

    1.3 Guiding Principle

    (i) We should try to locate its difference from Indian cultures.

    (ii) Then we must try to fit in the writing into Indian context.

    (iii) We should use our daily life experience of Indian culture and society by adding enough Indian words. 

    1.4 Limitations

    (i) The duration for the entire project was only ten periods.

    (ii) It took a long time to select the exact piece of writing which could be transformed.

    (iii) For this particular project, group work doesn’t help much as it demands individual imagination and not a number of opinions. 

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    2. Procedures and Input 

    For the project, entitled as an ‘Autobiography’, we worked in groups and sometimes in pairs through a systematic process. Our teacher fixed 10 interventions for carrying out the project. The details of our activities are enumerated below:

    First intervention: On the first day, we discussed some of the autobiographical stories. Then we minutely listened to all the stories and decided to write our own autobiography.

    Second intervention: On the second day, our teacher taught us different aspects related to the project work. We asked the teacher a number of questions related to what he taught.

    Third invention: On the third day, we tried to locate the differences between biography and autobiography. Then we were divided into groups.

    Fourth intervention: On the fourth day, we started to change the story so that it looks like self-biography that is called ‘autobiography’. Then we encountered some difficulties with the language that were needed to be changed.

    Fifth intervention: On the fifth day, we prepared the draft of our self memoire in our life story. Then we read out our manuscripts. The teacher asked each group to make changes to the script where it was found necessary.

    Sixth intervention: On the sixth day, we selected the best manuscript. Then we worked together for its further betterment. Another draft was prepared.

    Seventh intervention: On the seventh day, we prepared the final manuscript .Then we read out the manuscript in the presence of our teacher.

    Eighth intervention: On the eighth day, the photocopies of the final manuscript were distributed among the students for review.

    Ninth intervention: On the ninth day, each group read out their reviews before of the class.

    Tenth intervention: Students shared their experience with the teacher. The project report was submitted for evaluation and assessment. 

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    My name is ‘write your name’. My friends call me ‘Ananda’. This actually started as a reaction against my own assertion about my best friend, ‘Joy’, whom I call ‘Pulak’ as a nickname.

    I was born on write the date of your birth. I am the eldest child in our family. My family comprises of five members. These members are my mother, my father, my two sisters, and I. My father is a doctor by profession in the local government hospital. My mother is a school teacher. She teaches English and Hindi in the local government primary school. Ours is a small happy family. 

    My father’s name is ‘write your father’s name’. He is a renowned person of the town. Some youngsters, who are not amenable to any advice or manners, even call me baap ka beta/ papa ki pari, that is, the son/ daughter of a father, renowned for his technological deeds. 

    I read in Class - XI in the School named, ‘write your school’s name’ Barddhaman. I’m an excellent student as far as studies are concerned but I’m weak physically. Now, I’m giving attention to the present aspect and have started participating in games. My hobby is stamp-collecting. I want to be a school teacher. As I’m keen on books I would like to grow intellectually while teaching the scholars to grow physically, mentally and spiritually. My greatest attention is directed to evolution of my character and personality.

    When I was six, I started attending ‘write the name of your primary school’, our primary School. My favourite disciplines there were drawing and literature. I participated in numerous citywide and state-wide drawing contests among children, and even won the first prize in June, 2009, for the best landscape at the Preening Contest. This fact encouraged me to develop my artistic skills, so when I was entered high school, I already knew that I wanted to enter the school where I learnt something especially on ‘Arts’. I worked hard on my skills, and attended fine art courses–at the age of 11, I entered the Institute.

    But, I have an experience that I must ever remember in my life. I am speaking of the year of 2020. At the beginning of the year everything is going on smoothly. After enjoying the New Year celebration I was going to prepare myself for the final exam of the previous class. Suddenly, a new pandemic, namely COVID -19, had engulfed the whole nation throughout the world.

    Most of the countries were infected with the coronavirus. To prevent this pandemic disease, the government of our country, like the other countries of the world, had announced lockdown. Everything had gone stopped in a moment. The citizen of my country got quarantined for the several months. We were encaged with a fear of getting infected with the dangerous virus.

    But, during the lockdown of those days, I had undergone through many recreations just to make me free from boredom. I had created a playlist with happy songs, and sung along, browsed my cookbooks or food blogs for an easy but healthy meal. Also, I had called a supportive friend or family member. Besides, during those days I, also, reminisced by compiling a photo book of the special moments in my life. I had enjoyed myself by growing a small herb garden in my window box. However, at present, those fearful days have come over. But we are habituated using sanitizer while washing our hands and also wearing mask when we need to go out.

    Finally, my aim is to be a successful person in life. To me, the teaching profession appears to be the noblest and best. I, therefore, shall become a lecturer and adopt teaching as my profession. The profession of a teacher is a highly honourable one. A teacher gets a chance to lead a peaceful life. 

    Please write in a separate page 

    4. Conclusion 

    4.1 Present Value:

    The project we undertook was completed within scheduled time limit. After completing the project we have learnt the following:

    (i) How to transform a story rich in dramatic elements into a successful play.

    (ii) How to make the play lively by adding suitable dialogues.

    (iii) The utility of stage performance in learning the target language.

    (iv) How to enjoy group work.

    (v) How to develop essential skills such as collaboration, communication, and critical thinking.

    (vi) How to use language in context

    (vii) The importance of tone and modulation in speech.

    (viii) The importance of body language or gesture in communication.

    (ix) Importance of the setting, dialogue, music, and props in a drama

    (x) How to develop our skills in a happy, non-threatening environment.

    4.2 Future:

    The product of this particular project will help others in the following way:

    (i) They will get a ready script to be enacted.

    (ii) They will be able to modify the script to make it more lively.

    (iii) They can form an idea about dramatization of a story

    (iv) They will be encouraged to take up other stories for dramatization

    (v) They will be able to use the script in learning language effectively.

    Please write in a separate page 

    5. References/Bibliography

    i) Charles Dickens’ David Copperfield

     ii) J.D Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye.

    iii) A.S. Hornby, Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Eighth Edition, OUP, 2010.

     iv) National Curriculum Framework. NCERT, 2005.

    v) Naganathan, Ramanujam: Project Work to promote English Language Learning. British Council, 2011.

    vi) Project book issued by the WBCHSE Board for Class – XI

    vii) https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Autobiography


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