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The Book, You Have Recently Read (Class-XI)

The Book, I Have Recently Read

The Book, I Have Recently Read

I have a friend namely Samaresh, who likes reading. Once, he told me about the book which was famous throughout the world. It was the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn written by Mark Twain.

It was a wonderful book. The book was full of adventures. The main character was Huck Finn United Nations agency was a poor English boy whose father was a 3rd category drinker. This father wanted to get his son's fortune which he got previously in yet another adventure with Tom Sawyer, his friend. So Finn ran off from the custody of his father and met another boy. This boy was Jim who had been running away from master. He had been a slave boy.

The two friends moved to the ocean and obtained on to a ship. They become friendly with the seamen and went on fishing. They also went to various islands in the sea and engaged themselves in many adventures. At last they came home. Finn found that his father had died and he was no more in danger. Jim also got his freedom with Finn's help.

This fascinating children's novel had been written by well-known English Author Mark Twain. He had previously written the renowned book Tom Sawyar. Both these books are popular even today. So many variant youngsters throughout the English speaking world should have read these books. Much more than fictional character, it had been the Adventures of Huck Finn that was the foremost fascinating book I actually have ever read.


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