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Freedom to the Slave H. L .V. Derozio Short Answer Type Questions (CC -III)

Freedom to the Slave

H. L .V. Derozio 

Short Answer Type Questions

Freedom to the Slave  H. L .V. Derozio   Short Answer Type Questions (CC -III)

1. What is meant by the expression ‘Freedom to the Slave?

Answer: A slave has no freedom individually. He is under the slavery of some other -his master or mistress. His individual wishes, desire, action and motion are all under the directive of his master or mistress. When all restrictions on him are removed and he is allowed to feel and think, move and does whatever he intends, he comes free from slavery. In such a context, freedom is given to a slave. 

2. What does the expression “As the slave departs, the man returns” mean?

Answers: A slave has no individual manhood. He is to think, feel and act, as his master or owner likes and chooses. So the slave is no man in the actual sense. The man in him is subdued and suppressed as a slave.

            But when, the slave gets back his freedom, his situation changes thoroughly. He is no more to kneel to suppress his will and want. As he ceases to be a slave, he becomes a full man. His thoughts are raised, his feeling is exultant, and he has his own desires and choices to pursue. He comes to feel himself a man, no more a slave. Thus as the slave in him departs, man in him returns.

3. “I am free as they!” –Who is the speaker? Of what does he say and why?


What different natural elements are mentioned by the slave?

Answer: The speaker is slave, just released from slavery (A slave he has ceased to be).

            The slave speaks of three natural elements the wind, blowing high, and refreshing wild birds flying high happily and the stream below flowing speedily as inspiring to him.

4. Whom does Derozio address and praise in his poem, Freedom to the Slave and how?

Answer: Derozio addresses and praises freedom in his poem Freedom to the Slave. He praises because the very word ‘freedom’ seems something dear to him. This serves to enables and enlightens a soul and inspires deeds done to save the slave from the tyrants’ chain. 

5. How does Derozio end his poem, Freedom to the Slave?

Answer: Derozio’s poem ends in high praises of the selfless patriots who fight and suffer for the cause of freedom. These brave lovers of freedom must ever to be honored and revered. The last line of the poem may be quoted in this connection.

“And glory to the breast that bleeds

Bleeds to nobody to be free

Blest be the generous hand that breaks

The chain a tyrant gave

And feeling for degraded man

Gives freedom to the slave.”


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