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Process Writing Topics

 Process writing - Topics

Process Writing - Topics
 Process writing - Topics

    Preparation of Fried Rice

    πŸ‘‰  Vegetable Fried Rice is one of delicious Chinese food. To have a different taste in our meal, we make this palatable dish in our home. Write the process how it is prepared using the following hints.

    (Hints: Collect some fresh vegetable from the market – use carrot, capsicum, beans, onions, oil, salt, and ginger, juice, soya sauce, pepper etc. as its ingredients –add oil to fry the vegetables – boiled rice – mixed the fried veg with the boiled rice in low temperature – decorate with nuts –ready to serve the hot and spicy friend rice)

    Vegetable Fried Rice - Process Writing

    Preparation of Chinese Vegetable Fried Rice

    One of the Chinese delicious is Fried Rice. Though it is one of the origination of the Chinese intellect, it is one of the world famous palatable dishes. 

    Its preparation is not intricate one. Yet most of us are still curious about its preparation. 

    For its preparation some ingredients like carrot, capsicum, beans, onions, oil, salt, and ginger, juice, soya sauce, pepper etc. are required. 

    In the beginning of preparation, the onions are fried in a little oil till transparent. Then four tablespoons of oil is heated and all the raw vegetables are fried. 

    After that salt and ginger juice are added. The apparatus is covered and it is cooked till almost done over. It should be heated in a slow fire. Thereafter, four tablespoons of oil must be heated and previous boiled rice is fried for six minutes. 

    Then vegetables, soya sauce, salt, and pepper are properly mixed. Thus, the fried rice gets prepared and the only task remained is to eat. So, the rice is served hot decorated by chopped nuts. Thus, such a palatable dish gets prepared in only half an hour’s endeavor.


    Making a Glassware

    πŸ‘‰  Glassware is very attractive and fanciful. It is uses in household kitchen room, restaurants and even in laboratory also. But how it is made! Write a process using the following points given below.

    (Points: collect pure white sand – heated – add lime and soda – grow its strength – make molten glass balls – give different shapes according to needs – the shapes then cool down – glassware is ready for sale)

    Making a glassware - Process Writing

    Making a glassware

    Glassware, though prepared by hedonists and fancy lovers, is common to every people as mirror. 

    Probably it is the commonest thing in the world of women. However, glass making is not an intricate process. Though most of us are curious about how it is actually made. 

    Glasses actually prepared from pure white sand. First, it is heated. On being heated it melts into thick white syrup. Then soda and lime is added to the soft syrup to make it strong. A long pipe is, thereafter, used to blow the molten mass. Then ball-shaped semi- molten glass is formed. Then the actual work is done. The semi molten glass is being turned and twisted into various shapes. It is then cooled down. Ultimately glassware is formed. 

    The glass wares are then sent to the market where fancy lovers, mostly women, get their proud possessions.


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