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Report Writing Topics

 Report Writing – Topics

Report Writing Topics 

A report is a fact of a story that is currently happening or has happened. Writing a news report is easy if you report clearly on the topic and write in a style that is clear, concise and active.

Remember, the purpose of a news report is to help readers get a true picture of the event. Before you write your report, you should have as much information as you can gather.

For a news report, the most important information comes first and each paragraph provides more or less detail.

    πŸ‘‰  'Konyashree Divas' Observation at school

    πŸ‘‰  Write a report on the celebration of ‘Kanyashree Divas’ in your school on the basis of the points given below:

    (Points: Date and time - chief guest and other guests - opening song - speeches of different persons - sort cultural programme - closing song.)

    'Konyashree Divas' Observation at school - report writing

    Rasulpur High School observes Kanyashree Divas

    Barddhaman, 14 April 2021: The State Government initiative, Kanyashree Divas, was celebrated today in our school. The school hall was decked with flowers, and pictures of great persons. The teachers, students and their guardians filled off the venue. The president of school managing committee presided over the function. Purba Barddhaman MLA and chief guest Abul Hasem Mondol said, Kanyashree Divas aims at overall department of poor girl students aged 12 to 18 years (Class VIII to XII) to help them continue their studies with an annual government scholarship of rupees 500. Besides, a one-time grant at rupees 25,000 is given to the 18 years old girl for further studies. Girls whose families earn not more than rupees 20 thousands annually are eligible for it. The president as well as the Headmaster gave his speech followed by songs, recitations, and staging off a one act play by Class XII students. The play, penned by our Bengali teacher Kolyani Banerjee, resolves around dementia of child marriage, was applauded.

    (By Soumen Majhi, cultural secretary, Class XII, Rasulpur High School)


    πŸ‘‰  Woman dies of dengue - Report Writing

    πŸ‘‰  As a reporter of an English daily write a newspaper report within 120 words using the following points:

    (Points: Incident: premature death of a 38 year old woman - Date and time: 6th April, 2021 in the morning - Place: Purba Barddhaman, Memari Gramin Hospital - Cause: affected by dengue - Hospitalization: She was hospitalized with high fever and other dengue like symptoms - Report of her blood test: test confirmed that she was suffering from dengue - Present situation in West Bengal: 205 fresh dengue cases reported - Action taken by the government: preventive measures taken by Memari Municipality and the government officials)      

    Woman dies of dengue - Report writing

    Woman dies of dengue

    - By a staff reporter

    Memari, 26 July, 2021: A 38 year old woman today died of dengue in Memari after battling for life for the past few days. Krishna Sarkar, a resident of Nabapally, Memari , was admitted to a local hospital on 25 March with fever and other Dengu like symptoms. Blood test confirmed that she was suffering from dengue. Her condition proceeded to weaken and she spent away toward the beginning of today. “We attempted continuously to the last breath of the patient to save her life,” a doctor said. The hospital authorities said that the women died of multi organ failure caused by dengue. This year’s state wide dengue death toll stands at 9. Four of the deaths have been reported from Memari. In the previous two days around 205 new dengue cases were accounted for across the state. The total number of affected victims so far in the state has reached 5390. Memari Municipal Corporation has already taken preventive measures in this regard. The government officials are taking effective steps in destroying mosquito larva and creating public awareness about it.


    πŸ‘‰  Robbery in a local house - Report Writing

    πŸ‘‰  Compose a newspaper report on the occurrence of dacoity in a house in Hoogly using the points below (within 100 words)

    (Hints: Mention the date – when it happened – how many inhabitants dwell – how many robbers entered – valuable articles stolen – administrative measure)

    Robbery in a local house - Report writing

     House looted at Mirpur, Hoogly

    - By a staff reporter

    Hoogly, 12 April 2021: A dacoity took place at a house in Mirpur area under Mirpur Police Station, late night yesterday. The owner of the house, Sk. Hafiz, a teacher of a high school, said the police that five dacoits enter his house by breaking a window. They pointed a gun at Sk. Hafiz’s head and asked him to give them the keys of the almirah. They subverted him with frantic outcomes if he raised a caution. The dacoits looted gold ornaments, cash and valuables worth 3 Lac rupees. Sk. Hafiz lodged a complaint at Mirpur Police Station after the robbers escaped from his house.


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