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Story Writing Topics

 Story Writing Topics

Story Writing Topics

    Two Friends and a Bear


    A False Friend

    Two Friends and a Bear - Story Writing

    Once Upon a time, there were two friends. One day they were passing through a forest. They were walking through a forest making a jock with each other. Actually they were in a happy mood. 

    Suddenly they heard a loud growl and one of them said, “Oh my God! It seems to be a beer!” After a moment, they saw a bear approaching them. 

    The first friend knew the tactics of climbing on a tree. He at once started to climb a nearby tree. The second friend then said “Do not leave me; I do not know how to climb. Please help me to climb too.” But the first friend did not pay attention to his friend's request. He claimed and ultimately hid inside the leaves. 

    The second friend finding no alternative lay on the ground as he knew that a beer did not touch a dead man. So, when the bear came he pretended to be a dead man. The bear came and smelt him. But the foolish beer took him for a dead man and went back. 

    After the beer’s departure, the fast friend came down from the tree and asked, “What did the beer tell you friend?” The second friend then answered, “Keep away from false friends”.

    Moral: “A real friend is, indeed, in deed”


    Poor Slave and a Lion - Story Writing

    Poor Slave and a Lion

    Once Upon a time in Greece, there lived a great king named Robert Bruce. His fame spread all over the world. He had many slaves. But Robert Bruce was a cruel king. He always tortured the slaves and made them bound in doing any work as he wished. So, all the slaves were badly treated. One day they all decided to protest against the king. So, one of them ran away. But very soon it became very dark outside and began to rain cats and dogs. So, the slave took shelter in a nearby cave. But suddenly he saw a lion in that cave who stopped so he became very afraid.

    The slave saw a thorn stuck in the lion’s right foot. The slave was very kind too. So he drew out the thorn. But he did not know that the soldiers of the king were searching him. Very soon they reached in the Cave and saw the slave. In no time they caught the slave and took him to the Kingdom. The King's servants threw the slave before a hungry lion in a public show. But the lion behave strangely with the sleep. The lion behaved as if the sleep were his friend. Show being very surprised, the organizer of the soul said the slave and the lion free.

    Moral: “kindness always comes back”


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