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Flex Fuel - An alternative fuel to expensive petrol or diesel

 Flex Fuel

(A Fuel mixed with Ethanol)

Flex Fuel - An alternative fuel to expensive petrol or diesel

👉  Flex Fuel - An alternative fuel to expensive petrol or diesel

    The price of petrol and diesel is increasing rapidly every day. Ordinary people have become restless. The price of essential commodities is also increasing due to the increase in the price of petrol and diesel. Petrol and diesel prices have already crossed Rs. 100. So, one of the ways to reduce the dependence of petrol and diesel in the country is to rely on flex fuel as an alternative fuel to petrol or diesel.

    However, different countries are going to take steps in this regard soon. We've all heard about flex-fuel cars and flex-fuel lately, but we don't know the details.

    👉  What is Flex Fuel?

    As the name implies- Flex-fuel is a fuel mixed with ethanol, which can be used in cars. It is an alternative fuel made from a combination of gasoline and methanol or ethanol. Compared to an electric vehicle, a flex-engine is basically a standard petrol engine; it has some additional components that run on one or more fuel mixtures. Flex-fuel engines will have the option to run petrol cars with ethanol blended petrol.

    👉  What are the benefits of ethanol blended fuel?

    Petrol blended with ethanol has a higher oxygen supply. The result is complete smooth combustion of fuel. As a result, the pollution is much less. Moreover, mixing ethanol will also reduce the price of fuel.

    If a flex fuel engine becomes mandatory, people will be able to drive their cars in ethanol as well. The price of ethanol is Rs. 75-80 per liter, while the price of petrol is currently Rs. 100 per liter or somewhere higher.

    Flex Fuel  (A Fuel mixed with Ethanol) 

    👉  How is a flex fuel engine?

    Flex engine vehicles are quite different from vehicles powered by fuel engines. The bi-flue engine has several tanks. Meanwhile, the Flex Fuel Engine is capable of storing many types of fuel in the same tank. Such engines are specially designed.

    👉  SIX interesting facts to know about ETHANOL and FLEX FUEL in India

    1. Flex fuel vehicles can run on both petrol and ethanol.

    2. India is aiming to achieve E10 by 2022 and E20 (which would involve a 20% ethanol blend) by 2025.

    3. At present there are no flex-fuel powered engines or vehicles with the exception of a limited-edition TVS Apache RTR motorcycle.

    4. Ethanol is hygroscopic, and has a tendency to absorb moisture making it difficult to store in pure form. Its affinity to attract moisture can also lead to impurities setting at the base of the fuel tank and contaminating the engine.

    5. At present E10 is not available across the country, and will be made so by 2022.

    6. According to the government, all vehicles manufactured since 2008 are E10 compatible (but not optimized). E100 ethanol will be sold at a lower price from ethanol pumps.  


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