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Two Cats and a Monkey (Story Writing; Class-IX)

Two Cats and a Monkey – Moral Story

Two Cats and a Monkey (Story Writing; Class-IX)

Q. Write a story in about 100 words using the given hints. Give a suitable title to the story.

[Hints: two cats find a piece of bread –fight over it –monkey arrives –decides to settle the dispute –monkey breaks the bread into two – uneven size –eats a portion from the large share –dispute continues –monkey eats both pieces of bread. (Class-IX; Page: 82; Exercise: 08)]


Two Cats and a Monkey (Story Writing; Class-IX)

Once upon a time, two cats lived together. These two cats were good friends. One day, both the cats were wandering around. Suddenly, on a road, the two of them get a bun. They pick up the piece of the bread and decide to break it into two. One piece for you and one piece for me.

The other cat immediately agreed to it. He decided to break the bread evenly. But when it came to sharing the bread, the two cats started arguing with each other. Just then a monkey was passing there. And when he saw two cats quarreling, such silly cats, he thought. So he decided to help them.

I will help you to divide this roti into equal pieces. He suggested. The cats immediately agreed. Then you will divide the bread equally between the two of you? He asked. The monkey nodded voluntarily. After which the monkey divided the bread into two parts.

But one of the two pieces was larger than the other. After this, the monkey said to both of them, "I should eat a little of the big pieces of bread and then it will be equal" but the monkey deliberately ate a big part of it. By which it becomes smaller than another piece. And again the monkey cunningly told them that he would cut the second piece smaller and make it equal.

In that manner, the monkey ate the entire bread on its own. And the poor cats just kept watching. "Well, it was a good meal. Forgive me; it was difficult to divide it equally. I should go now, “the monkey ran swiftly. Then the cats realized that if they did not fight among themselves, it would not have happened.

Moral: If you keep fighting amongst yourself, a third person will always take away your opportunity.


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