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Digital Health ID Card: What is Digital Health ID Card? How to apply?

Digital Health ID Card

Digital Health ID Card: What is Digital Health ID Card? How to apply?

Digital Health ID Card: What is Digital Health ID Card? How to apply?

    Now if someone is sick at home, you don't have to run around with all the reports, just having a health card in your pocket is enough.

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) on Monday, September 27, 2021 at 11 am via video conference.

    👉  The goal of this project:

    The first goal of this project is to create a digital environment in the health sector. Under this scheme, it is planned to issue a ‘health card’ to all the citizens of the country. All the health related records of a person will be registered in the health account created in his name. The health card will be directly linked to the National Health Authority under the Union Ministry of Health. Simply put, just as the Aadhaar card records the history of a person's personal details, so does this Digital Health ID card contain the person's medical history.

    👉  What is Digital Health ID?

    Health ID card can be considered as an online health account where all the information related to a person's health will be recorded. With this 14-digit health identity card, from now on, any person in any part of the country will be able to get treatment effortlessly even if they do not have the necessary medical documents. With the help of the unique ID number of the card, all the information can reach any doctor or hospital authority in the country.

    👉  What kind of health data will be stored on this Digital Health ID card?

    The main purpose of this digital health card is to keep track of all your health history. For example, this card will contain all the information from your various blood test reports to a detailed description of your illness, what method of treatment you are undergoing, what symptoms have been observed, what medications are being applied and when to see a doctor.

    👉  Is Digital Health ID mandatory for all citizens?

    At present, the government has not said for sure whether digital health ID will be made mandatory. According to the National Health Authority's website, "If anyone wants to participate in the ‘Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission’ (ABDM) and is interested in making their health records available digitally, they need to create a Health ID." However, it goes without saying that in the case of insurance companies, hospitals, subsidy beneficiaries, health ID may be required in the future.

    👉  What are the requirements to create a Digital Health ID?

    You can create your Digital Health ID using your mobile number or Aadhaar card. You will need your name, year of birth, gender, address, mobile number to create a health ID through mobile number. Similarly, your name, year of birth, gender, address, mobile number and Aadhaar number will be useful in creating a health ID through Aadhaar.

    👉  Is Aadhaar card mandatory for creating Health ID?

    From the above mentioned points, it is clear that Aadhaar card is not mandatory for creating a health ID, as a health ID can also be created through a mobile number. So if you don't want to, you can get Health ID in addition to Aadhaar card.

    👉  What other documents can be used instead of Aadhaar to create a Health ID?

    At present it is possible to create a health ID using only Aadhaar and mobile numbers. However, there is a possibility of other alternatives besides Aadhaar in the future. According to the National Health Authority's website, "ABDM is working hard to ensure that users can create their Health ID using other ID documents such as driving licenses, PAN cards, passports, etc."

    👉  How do you create your health ID?

    You can get a Health ID by self-registering on the Health ID website or by downloading the ABDM Health Records app from the Google Play store. You can also request the creation of your Health ID at a public or private hospital or community health center.

    👉  If you have Aadhaar card, do you need a separate Health ID?

    Aadhaar card is mainly used for identification of citizens and its use is legally restricted. But there is no practical application of this card to tell your health history to the doctors, anywhere in the country. Therefore, Health ID card is required to get proper benefits in any part of the country in terms of treatment.

    👉  Can you get a separate Health ID for individual health data?

    Since health data is sensitive, you may not want to share all your medical records with your doctor. For example, when you are treating a broken arm or leg, you may not want to tell your doctor about your previous sexually transmitted disease treatment. So, you have the freedom to create a separate health ID if you want. However, the National Health Authority's official website states that you should always have a Health ID for easy access.

    👉  Can you delete your Health ID?

    Yes, you can delete or deactivate it permanently. Not only that, after deactivating you can also reactivate it if you want. Once deleted, all information from your Digital Health ID will be permanently deleted. You will not be able to retrieve any information tagged in your Health ID in the future. You will lose access to all ABDM applications while Health ID is deactivated. Unless you are reactivating your Health ID, you will not be able to share your Health ID at any health center or share your health records on the ABDM network.


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