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Your Aim in Life (Class -X)

My Aim in Life / Your Aim in Life

My Aim in Life

Undoubtedly, we should love what we do and do what we love. My aim in life is to become a great scientist and contribute as much as I can to solve the national and international challenges. The first task that I would like to accomplish would be to invent such an advanced air defense system for my country’s security.

Unfortunately, we have some hostile neighboring-countries that are always conspiring to disrupt her peace and progress. They have developed some formidable missiles. I would wish to contribute to making air defense missile system that would render the enemy missiles useless.

The other contribution that I would like to make would be inventing a device that would extract excess of carbon dioxide and other toxic gases from the environment. I would also like to contribute in finding new techniques to connect solar energy. I would like to invent smart vehicles that run on green fuels. 

Thus, my aim is to make Bharat independent in advance technology. The skills that I would need the most would be scientific outlook, positive attitude, determination, tireless research, and iron will. I will work day and night untiringly to invent technology for the above-mentioned objectives. I would also do a job that would involve research and experiments.


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