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Television - its impact on human life


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Television - its impact on human life 

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Television (TV) is a marvel of science. It has brought a revolution in the field of entertainment and knowledge.

Now we can watch cricket matches in our room. It is a connection between the world and its people.

But television also has some dark sides. It makes people inactive, especially students. Students watch serials and programs and ignore their studies. Some programs are unhealthy. Overall, television movies and serials are presenting a lot of violence. It is very harmful for young people.

It depends on the vision of students and young people. One of the bad effects of this is that children become antisocial. They do not want to leave home to watch TV programs.

After all, it can be said that excessive addiction to TV is harmful. However, like everything else, TV has many good and bad effects. We ought to know about this reality.

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Television (TV) is one of the magnificent developments of current science. It has turned into the most widely recognized wellspring of amusement on the planet today. It is presently a necessary piece of our lives.

TV alludes to a logical procedure by which pictures can be sent distantly. It can convey visual pictures and voices too far off places of the earth. TV fulfills both the meeting and vision needs of individuals. We find out about big names on TV and watch them live.

These days TV is additionally the best method for advancing items as TV is famous among individuals. Toward a day's end work we sit at the TV screen and partake in the news, sports, instructive missions, etc.

Transmissions every one of the significant worldwide games and we watch them live on the TV screen. TV programs are engaging as well as informational. TV is presently the most remarkable medium. TV additionally communicates different instructive projects which are extremely valuable to the understudies. 

Be that as it may, TV is certifiably not an unmixed gift. Kids are regularly dependent on sitting in front of the TV programs as opposed to contemplating. In addition, because of the impact of unfamiliar projects broadcast on satellite stations, youngsters are drawn to unfamiliar culture. Truth is to be told, in spite of a portion of the negative parts of TV, it is presently a well-known method for diversion.


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