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Spring in Bengal

 Spring in Bengal

Spring in Bengal

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There are six seasons in Bengal. They are Summer, Monsoon, Autumn, Fall, Winter and Spring.

Of these, I like spring the most. It is called the 'King of Seasons'. It lasts these three months of February, March and April.

The weather is very nice at this time. Not too cold or too hot at this time. The sky becomes cloudless. A gentle breeze blows under the blue sky. The sweet song of the cuckoo pleases our ears.

Besides, different types of flowers such as marigold, sunflower; Jasmine etc. can be seen in this season. New lips have sprouted on the tree. Fruits and vegetables are now available in abundance.

Dol Jatra, one of the best festivals of Bengalis, is held this season. Saraswati Puja is celebrated all over Bengal with joy and fun for the children. Spring is full of glamor. It does not give us the strength to work hard. So, we look forward to spring in this line, “If winter comes can Spring be far behind!”


Basant Panchami - Spring in Bengal

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The beauty and splendor of spring captivates our minds. Spring is the king of seasons. That is why this tomorrow is called ‘Rituraj’.

Spring is the last season of the Bengal season. Falgun-Chaitra is spring with these two months. The temperate weather of spring, the natural scenery brings a thrill of joy in everyone's soul. New leaves grow on deciduous trees. The mango tree is full of buds. The spring wind blows from the south. This wind makes the mind bored.

Spring is a symbol of new life. There is a fair of Palash, Shimul flowers in the trees. Palash flowers are in bunches and red crimson shimul flowers are full of trees. All around was filled with the sound of cuckoos. This Kuhudak of Kokil informs that spring has come. A swarm of bees, butterflies swarm around and store honey. In the south wind of spring, the body gets irritated. After overcoming the inertia of winter, the earth becomes alive in spring.

In the Spring season, the most heartwarming festival of Bengal is held. So this season is colorful in all senses. At the center of this festival, people forget their sorrows and sufferings and get involved in the game of colors. During this time Shivaratri, Basanti Pujo etc. are performed. Chaitra Sankranti comes at the end of spring. Mete became a Bengali in the Gajan festival. The month of Falgun is called 'Madhumas'. During this time fairs are held in many places centering on the festival.


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