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‘Sabuj Sathi Prakalpa’ by the Govt. of West Bengal

Sabuj Sathi Prakalpa

Sabuj Sathi Prakalpa

The ‘Sabuj Sathi Prakalpa’ is a project to provide free bicycles to school children across the state, West Bengal. The 'Sabuj Sathi' project was launched in 2015 on the initiative of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

    This project has received a great response from the students since its inception. Many students have benefited. Bicycles are provided to the students from class IX to XII in various Secondary, Higher Secondary and Madrasa schools run and maintained by the state government to stop the ‘drop-out’ students and encourage them for further reading. 

    Sabuj Sathi Prakalpa

    Title of ‘Sabuj Sathi Prakalpa’

    When the Hon'ble Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee went on a district tour in June 2015, one of the boy students asked her if the girl students get bicycles to come to school then why not the boy students? From this question comes to his mind the plan of ‘Sabuj Sathi Prakalpa’. Interestingly, this name came to her plan when she noticed a mountain spring on the way from Darjeeling to Bagdaera airport.

    The Benefits of ‘Sabuj Sathi Prakalpa’

    👉 Under the new scheme, school going students will get free bicycles from the state government

    👉 The cost of school travel is saved.

    👉 All the students studying in classes Nine to twelve will benefit from this project.

    👉 For this project the education system of each student is improved.

    👉 The project will benefit the growing demand as well as small and large vendors in the state.

    👉 Everyone, irrespective of religion, caste or creed, has the right to be covered under this scheme.

    👉 Overall, ‘Sabuj Sathi Prakalpa’ makes the environment pollution free with echo-friendly transportation.

    Eligibility for the ‘Sabuj Sathi Prakalpa’

    There is no need to apply separately for the ‘Sabuj Sathi Prakalpa’. Students, belonging to Class IX to XII, will receive a code number from the school authorities. They will, then, get bicycles from the state government under this scheme. However, the qualifications that students need to get the benefits of the ‘Sabuj Sathi Prakalpa’ are:

    👉 To be eligible for this project, one has to be a permanent resident of West Bengal.

    👉 The benefits of this project are for school children only.

    👉 Ninth to twelfth grade students will be able to stay under this scheme.

    👉 Students have to study in secondary schools, higher secondary schools or in Madrasa schools under West Bengal Government to avail the benefits of ‘Sabuj Sathi Prakalpa’.

    Sabuj Sathi Prakalpa

    Responsibilities to Supply Bicycles under 'Sabuj- Sathi' Scheme

    Among many companies, Hero Cycle, Tube Investments of India and Avon Cycle submitted tenders to the state government. These three companies are luckily selected by the West Bengal Government. And since 2015, about 91.88 lakh cycles are distributed till now (December, 2021).

    UN recognition to the ‘Sabuj Sathi Prakalpa’

    After the ‘Kanyashree Prakalpa’ in 2017, another project of the West Bengal government, 'Sabuj Sathi', was appreciated all over the world. The United Nations-recognized World Summit on the Information Society announced the Best Online Award. Rewards are given to the state government online. The award was received on behalf of the state government by SK Thade, Chief Secretary, and Backward Classes Welfare Department.

    It may be mentioned that a total of 600 project nominations were received from 180 countries. Among them, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's brainchild project 'Sabuj Sathi' has won the title of best in e-government category.


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