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Experience of a Sea Voyage - Paragraph Writing

 Experience of a Sea Voyage

Experience of a Sea Voyage

This was a different experience. It was October 2017. Durga Puja had just ended. The image of worship was still fresh in the mind. My three friends and I all decided that we would go on a long sea voyage during the Puja holidays and enjoy life. Accordingly, we booked tickets for the Andaman Sea from the Calcutta Port Trust's building office, opposite the Millennium Park in Kolkata.

A lot of anxiety and insanity were in our minds. This was the first time we would experience a long voyage. We left early in the morning for Khidirpur Dock in Kolkata from where our sea voyage started by ship.

We departed on Saturday, October 14, 2017. For the first time in our lives we boarded on a ship. On the one hand, as if, there were no limits of happiness, on the other hand, a suppressed fear in our minds was repeatedly frightening us.

M.V. Nicobar, ready to sail

Finally, on October 14, 2017, at 2 pm, that moment of happiness came. The ship named M.V. Nicobar left Khidirpur dock. It took several hours for the ship to leave the dock area. Meanwhile, the evening rolled down in the afternoon. At that time the ship was moving at a very slow speed towards the destination. In the evening, when we arrived at the deck of the ship, we saw from a distance the twinkling evening lights of the Howrah Bridge.

We are moving towards the far Andaman. In the meantime, the next day, October 15, 2017, when our ship left the port of Calcutta and crossed the Bay of Bengal into the deep ocean, I had a wonderful experience. I noticed that the color of the water was muddy as long as the ship was sailing on the Ganges. But as the ship entered the depths of the ocean, the color of the water began to change to bluish and clear. This was a different experience.

Experience of a Sea Voyage

Then, as the ship sailed forward into the abyss, I noticed another world without desolation, with no sign of land. Wherever I looked, there was only water and water. Naturally, seeing this scene, my mind became scared - what happened! What happened! Meanwhile, the only means of communication between relatives and loved ones was mobile phone which also went beyond the network area. Inevitably all of us became upset.

Finally the light of hope shone in our minds when we saw an island away from the ship on the fourth day. The name of the island was Mayabandar.

We arrived at Mayabandar Island on October 18, 2018 at 11 am. Although the island was small in size, it was inhabited. There were also small vehicles and administrative offices. But when I saw the island from the ship, the view was quite spectacular. The island was surrounded by water.

Mayabunder Island - aerial view

The ship then left Mayabandar for our destination, Andaman Islands. The ship left at 2 pm. Then with a wave of excitement and joy in our minds we preceded towards our desired destination Andaman Islands. The ship floated on the sea and moved towards Andaman. It was late afternoon and evening. Far from the ship, I noticed the Andaman Islands with many tiny lights. It seemed that all the passengers of this ship were welcomed with the illumination of that amazing beauty. That scene will never be forgotten. And this experience will stay in the mind forever.


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