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Shane Warne, the Australian legendary spinner died at age of 52 - Report

 Shane Warne passed away at age of 52 year old

- by a staff reporter

Shane Warne, the Australian legendary spinner

Melbourne, 04 March, 2022: The death of legendary Australian wicket-keeper Rod Marsh was reported this morning (Friday). The news of the death of another Australian legend came in the afternoon. The legendary Australian spinner, Shane Warne passed away. He took his breath last at the age of 52.

Virender Sehwag has rightly said that human life is fleeting. Who stays when, not exactly? Shane Warne, the man who tweeted at 8:23 a.m. in honor of Rodney Marsh after his death, passed away 12 hours later. Such incidents are the exception.

His short running and twisting of his wrists would take away the sleep of many cricketers. The legendary Australian spinner Shane Warne died at the age of 52. Warne died of a sudden heart attack in his luxury bungalow in Thailand on Friday. A statement from Warne's agency said: “Shane Warne was found dead in his bungalow.”

Virender Sehwag, the former Indian cricketer

The 52-year-old Shane Warne's agency had announced the death of legendary Australian leg-spinner. “His family wants to be alone right now and the rest of the information will be given in time.” – They also added.

Most importantly, after Fox Sports first broke the news, everyone was shocked. All the legends of the world are giving different messages at that time. But the most surprising thing was that, even after the news of Warne's death, his morning tweets were being read, re-tweets are being repeated. Rodney Marsh passed away this morning. After the demise of Warne's predecessor, Warne also wrote in his message, "Everyone will remember your contribution. You will be an inspiration to the next generation of children. He was an inspiration to the cricketers of England and Australia", he went through a lot.

Even hours before his death, Shane Warne tweeted condolences over the death of Rod Marsh (Rodney William Marsh). That tweet is still flashing on his social media page. Fans are also responding. But the language of reaction has changed. Everyone is stunned. That's it! 

Rodney William Marsh, former Australian wicket-keeper

Shane Warne was one of the greatest cricketers of all time in Australia and the world. He was always at the forefront of his cricket career. Warne also played in the IPL. Not only in cricket but also outside of cricket, his colorful life had always been in the headlines. Warne had always been in controversy. He could not play in the 2003 World Cup due to taking banned products. But despite that, Warne had left his mark in cricket. He played 194 ODI series. Shane Warne was the second highest wicket-taker in the history of red ball cricket with 145 Test matches. He had taken 293 wickets in ODI cricket and 603 wickets in Test cricket.

However, Shane Warne was one of the best cricketers of all time in Australia and the world. He will be the bright star in the sky of cricket throughout the world in future.


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