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A Magic Show - Paragraph Writing

A Magic Show (Paragraph Writing)

A Magic Show (Paragraph Writing)

Last Sunday, India's famous magician, Junior P.C. Sorcar came to our city, Memari. In the afternoon he performed a magic show at the Kristi cinema hall. I went to see the show.

The hall was filled with beyond its actual capacity, but I managed to grab a front row seat. The audience gave him a standing ovation when the famous magician entered the hall.

He wore a long robe of intricate design and color and held a wand in his hand.

After entering the hall he was told by a visitor that he had heard that he always arrived on time for the event, but this time he was an hour late.

The renowned magician smiled and said that he had arrived at the cinema hall on time. He asked the audience to look at the clock. To everyone's surprise, everyone's wristwatch showed the actual time the show took place. The hall erupted with the loudest applause I had ever heard.

Then Mr. Sorcar took out a handkerchief from his pocket and placed it in an empty brass vessel and covered it with a disc. He asked a spectator to come and remove the disc and to everyone's surprise asked him to take out the specified object from the container. It turned out that the handkerchief had changed into a small frog. And as usual the frog started climbing on the pot on the table.

The magician asked the spectator to put the frog back into the pot. He covered it again with the disc. Again when the disc was removed the frog disappeared and turned into a handkerchief.

Thus, the magician took out numerous objects from the empty pot, including a marble, a dove, a dove, a rose, a note-book, a toy bus, etc.

After an hour the show ended. I returned home elated and amazed.


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