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Visiting to a Zoo – Dialogue writing between two friends

Visiting to a Zoo

(Dialogue Writing)

Visiting to a Zoo – Dialogue writing

A conversation between two friends about their experience of visiting a zoo

Last Sunday, the area was very foggy. I and my friend, Kiran, went to the zoo that day. And I mentioned below the experience of going to the zoo.

Me: Well, Kiran! What exactly did we do when we went to the zoo?

Kiran: We entered the zoo and saw a huge lake in front of us, where several beautiful birds like ducks were grazing.

Me: And so! Well, to say beautiful birds, exactly which birds have you seen?

Kiran: You did not see! I moved towards the cages in which the birds were confined. Cockatoos, eagles and parrots were kept captive in different types of cages. The birds were chirping. We were really enjoying this lovely tune.

Me: Yes, yes, you are right. But seeing the tigers and lions of the zoo, I was quite scared.

Kiran: Yes, lions and leopards were kept in cages. Tigers and tigresses were housed separately. After we arrived in front of the lion cage, a lion came towards us. We were a little scared. His face was really scared.

Me: But whatever you say, I was having a lot of fun watching the deer in the zoo.

Kiran: Yes, there were stag and deer roaming around. These animals are truly beautiful and intelligent creatures. Apart from the deer, there are monkeys and baboons frolicking among themselves. The techniques created by them are very interesting. Some people were throwing different types of grains towards them. They were jumping down to eat them. A lot of kids were making faces like them again.

Me: My biggest attraction was the aquarium. Then, we stepped towards it. There was an abundance of aquatic animals. Those aquariums were very expensive and filled with different colour fishes. Their movement in the water created a wonderful form. There were many other aquatic animals.

Kiran: After watching this scene we came upon the polar bears, which seemed very sad to see them.

Me: Then I stood in front of a cage full of black bears. The audience was mesmerized by the variety of tricks they displayed. Some visitors offered them some food, which they came down once to take.

Kiran: The size of this zoo is so large that it is impossible to describe it or all the cages in detail.

Me: Yes, Kiran, you are right. After the full tour, we sat in the cool and beautiful garden of the zoo and relaxed for a while. The smell of flowers spread all around. After sitting there and eating some food and drink, we felt more refreshed.

Kiran: Then evening came, the sun was almost setting. Like other visitors, we were also exited from the zoo.

Me: Even after, we boarded the bus; I looked at the zoo from the bus. On one side, the ancient wall of the Red Fort doubled its beauty. I will never forget that thrilling experience of visiting the zoo.


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