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Higher Secondary (H.S.) English suggestion 2023, WBCHSE

Higher Secondary (H.S.) English suggestion 2023


Higher Secondary (H.S.) English suggestion 2023, WBCHSE

The subject wise suggestion especially 'H.S. English suggestion 2023' to the students is not definite for the annual examination. Here is just a question paper outline of 'H.S. English Board Exam, 2023'.

If you rely only on suggestions before the exam without paying attention to the English subject throughout the year, the chances of passing the exam are very flimsy. So if the students practice the entire English subject syllabus carefully, there is no need for suggestions.

Here 'H.S. English suggestion 2023' is only an outline of possible question papers. This is not an exam paper. Therefore, the request to the students should not be completely dependent on the 'H.S. English suggestion 2023'. I myself do not believe in this suggestion.

However, first of all, I’m going to suggest important Writings of 'H.S. English suggestion 2023' for the students of West Bengal Higher Secondary Board. Next, on further reading of this suggestion, you will find the Complete Suggestion of 'H.S. English suggestion 2023' in PDF form. And, finally, you can/may download the PDF version of 'H.S. English suggestion 2023'    

    👉 Writing Skill (Report Writing or Letter Writing)

    (a) Report Writing: (10 Marks)

    1. Write a report within 150 words on an educational tour to Shantiniketan conducted by a sub-committee of your school.

    2. Write a report within 150 words about the tree plantation program organized by your school.

    3. Write a report within 150 words about the blood donation camp organized by your school.

    4. Write a report within 150 words for the publication of your school's annual magazine.

    5. Recently your school organized a garbage cleaning programme in the area near the school. All the students and staff of the school participated in the program. Write a report within 150 words about the cleaning drive programme.

    6. Write a report about a book fair in your district.

    7. Write a report for a newspaper about a road accident.

    8. Write a report on your school's award ceremony.

    9. Write a report on Teacher's Day-5 September.

    10. Write a report on (i) annual sports (ii) school magazine, (iii) magic show organized by school, (iv) farewell function of an honored teacher, (vi) Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, (vii) Safe Drive Save Life Abhiyan.

    👉 Click here to get Report Writings on Various Topics


    (b) Letter Writing (10 Marks each)

    1. You are Santosh Biswas, a student of the school, Memari V.M. Institution (Unit – 2). On behalf of the school sport’s teacher, you have bought a cricket set from ABC Sports CO. Ltd. Some equipment was found to be faulty. Write a letter of 150 words to the company for a replacement or refund.

    2. Write a letter to a book publisher in 150 words asking him to send lots of books for your school library.

    3. Write a letter to the Headmaster of your school asking him some reference books for your school library.

    4. Suppose you have lost your bicycle. Write a letter to the officer-in-charge of your local police station. In your letter, you will mention the date and time of loss, the place from which it was lost, the brand name and the description of the bicycle.

    5. Suppose you lost your H.S admit card. Now write an application to the Deputy Secretary of W.B.C. H.S.E. for duplicate certificates.

    6. Write an application to a bank branch manager for a loan.

    7. Suppose you lost your H.S admit card. File an FIR at the local police station.

    8. Write an application for an office-assistance position in a business organization.

    9. Write a letter to the shop manager, requesting for the repair of the TV set / complaining about the poor quality products you bought from their shop / inquiring about the price of some products.

    10. (i) Delay in postal delivery, (ii) Lost mobile phone, (iii) Lost library card, (iv) Requesting a loan for a new business, (v) Bad road conditions.

    11. Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper - about high prices of every commodity / reckless driving / eve-teasing.

    👉 Click here to get Official Letter Writings on Various Topics

    👉 'H.S. English suggestion 2023' – PDF download

    Now, here you can/may download the complete 'H.S. English suggestion 2023'


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