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Madhyamik Exam 2024, English Model Question Paper (Set – 01)

Madhyamik Exam 2024, English Model Question Paper (Set – 01)

Madhyamik Exam 2024, English Model Question Paper (Set – 01)

Madhyamik Exam (Model Questions Paper: 01) | Class 10 | WBBSE

    Reading Comprehension (Seen)

    1. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

    As he entered the school gate, an idea occurred to him. He would deliver the letter to the headmaster at the end of the day. There was a chance Samuel might do something during the course of the day to justify the letter.

    Swami stood at the entrance to his class. Samuel was teaching arithmetic. He looked at Swami. Swami hoped Samuel would scold him severely. "You are half an hour late," Samuel said.

    "I have a headache, sir", Swami said.

    "Then why did you come at all?"

    This was an unexpected question from Samuel. Swami said, "My father said I shouldn't miss school, sir."

    Samuel looked impressed. "Your father is quite right. We want more parents like him."

    "Oh, you poor man!" Swami thought, "you don't know what my father has done to you."

    "All right, go to your seat."Swami sat down, feeling sad. He had never met anyone as good as Samuel.

    The teacher was inspecting the home lessons. To Swami's thinking, this was the time when Samuel got most angry. But today Samuel appeared very gentle. "Swaminathan, where is your homework?"

    "I have not done my homework, sir," Swami said. "Why-headache?" asked Samuel.

    "Yes, sir."

    "All right, sit down," Samuel said.

    When the bell rang for the last period at 4.30, Swami picked up his books and ran to the headmaster's room. He found the room locked. The peon told him the headmaster had gone on a week's leave. Swaminathan ran away from the place.

    As soon as he entered home with the letter, Father said, "I knew you wouldn't deliver it."

    "But the headmaster is on leave," Swami said.

    Father snatched the letter away from Swami and tore it up.

    "Don't ever come to me for help if Samuel scolds you again. You deserve your Samuel," he said.

    A. Write the correct alternative to complete the following sentences: 1x5=5

    [i] Swami was late to school by-

    (a) half an hour (b) an hour (c) two hours (d) three hours

    [ii] Swami decided to deliver the letter to the headmaster-

    (a) before he entered the class

    (b) during the tiffin break

    (c) after attending Samuel's class

    (d) at the end of the day

    [iii] To Swami's thinking, Samuel used to get most angry when he inspects-

    (a) home lessons (b) class work (c) project work (d) examination copies

    [iv] At the entrance to his class, Swami expected that Samuel would scold him-

    (a) slightly (c) harshly (b) mildly (d) gently

    [v] Swami's excuse for being late was-

    (a) throat sore (b) toothache (c) headache (d) fever

    B. Complete the following sentences with information from the text:                             1x3=3

    [i] Samuel looked impressed when

    [ii] The unexpected question from Samuel was

    [iii] Swami sat down with a feeling of

    C. State whether the following statements are True or False. Write 'T' for true and 'F' for false in the boxes on the right-hand side. Provide sentences/ phrases/words in support of your answers:                                                                                                                                   2x2=4

    [i] Swami expected that Samuel wouldn't scold him.

    Supporting Statement: ___________________________

    [ii] Swami was indifferent to deliver the letter to the headmaster.

    Supporting Statement:_____________________________________

    2. Read the poem and answer the questions below:

    They said" "We are the oak-trees and your own true family.

    We are chopped down, we are torn up, you do not blink an eye.

    Unless you make a promise now-now you are going to die."

    "Whenever you see an oak-tree felled, swear now you will plant two.

    Unless you swear the oak bark will wrinkle over your

    And root you among the oaks where you were born but never grew."

    This was my dream beneath the boughs, the dream that altered me.

    When I came out of the black oak wood, back to human company.

    My walk was the walk of a human child, but my heart was a tree.

    A. Write the correct alternative to complete the following sentences: 1x4=4

    [i] The dream brought in the poet a-

    (a) greed (b) romantic feeling (c) change (d) fear

    [ii] The oak-trees wanted the poet to make a-

    (a) promise (b) contract (c) wish (d) prayer

    [iii] The oak-trees considered themselves to be the poet's-

    (a) friends (b) family (c) relations (d) foes

    [iv] When an oak-tree is felled, the poet should promise to plant-

    (a) one oak tree (b) more than one oak-tree (c) two oak-trees (d) none of them

    B. Write the following questions:          2x2=4

    [i] What promise was the poet asked to make?

    [ii] What did the poet realize after coming out of the oakwood?

    Reading Comprehension (Unseen)

    3. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow:

    Mumbai, 23 August: As smoke spread to the top floor of 16 storey Crystal Tower following a fire on the 12th floor, a 10 year old girl went back to the basics learnt in school and helped around 15 people stay safe till the fireman arrived.

    Zen Sadavarta first calmed her parents and neighbours down and took them to a corner flat where there was less smoke. They could not go to the terrace as its door was locked. "I learnt in school how to deal with such a situation, and immediately requested all of them to stay calm. I noticed there was little smoke in one of the corner flats. I guided them inside that flat and closed the door," said the class VI student of Don Bosco International School.

    After entering the flat, Zen told everyone to take pieces of cotton cloth and wet them. "My teacher taught me this trick, so I told everyone to cover their mouth with wet cloth to ensure that they inhale less carbon monoxide. I also shouted to people of the flat below to the same," the girl told TOI.

    The fire brigade rescued them from the 16th floor balcony with the help of a ladder. The fire was confined to wiring in the electrical duct, the lift shaft, lobby and common corridor between 12th and 16th floors.

    Recalling the incident, her mother said that when she opened their kitchen window, hot smoke hit her face and she immediately closed it. As smoke started entering the flat, Zen, her mother and father, Gunratan Sadavarta, an advocate, rushed out. Gunratan said, "Firemen brought their ladder near the balcony. We asked senior citizens to go down first, which includes parents of Ashok Sampat."

    Another brave resident put his life at risk and rescued several others, before sustaining injuries on the face. Shaikh Mashooq Safi, a resident of 12th floor, was outside when the fire broke out. He reached the 12th floor by an elevator as a relative was stuck there. He brought out his relative out of the flat safely and climbed down a few floors. He told other rescuers to take his relative down as he wanted to rescue a person trapped on the 11th floor.

    [Adapted from a report published in 'The Times of India', dated August 23, 2018]

    A. Write the correct alternative to complete the following sentences: 1×6=6

    [i] Zen Sadavarta learnt how to face fire accident from-

    (a) her father (b) her parents (c) her teachers (d) Gunratan

    [ii] Crystal Tower is-

    (a) 12 storey building (b) 11 storey building (c) multi-storied building (d) 16 storey building

    [iii] Fire broke out on-

    (a) between 12th and 16th floor (b) 11th floor (c) 12th floor (d) 16th floor

    [iv] Gunratan was-

     (a) Zen's father (b) an advocate (c) a fireman (d) a senior citizen

     [v] When the fire broke out Shaikh Mashooq Safi was-

    (a) somewhere outside Crystal Tower (b) on the 12th floor (c) on the 11th floor (d) on the top floor

    [vi] The Fire brigade rescued Zen and others from-

    (a) the top floor balcony

    (b) the 16th floor balcony

    (c) the corridor between 11th floor and 16th floor

    (d) the 11th floor

    B. Each of the following statements is either True or False. Write 'T' for true and 'F' for false in the boxes on the right-hand side. Also pick out suitable line(s) or phrase(s) from the passage in support of your answers: (1+1) x 3=6

    [i] Zen Sadavarta helped those who lived on the 16th floor only.

    Supporting Statement:____________________________

    [ii] The Fire brigade did not cooperate in rescuing people.

    Supporting Statement:___________________________

    [iii] Shaikh Mashooq got injuries while saving others.

    Supporting Statement:____________________________

    C. Answer the following questions: 2x4=8

    [i] Why did Zen ask people to take pieces of wet cotton cloth on their mouth?

    [ii] Where was the fire confined?

    [iii] What did Zen's mother recall?

    [iv] Give an example of an act of bravery.


    Grammar and Vocabulary

    4. Write the correct alternatives to fill in the blanks: 1×3=3

    The ___________(old/older/oldest) of four children, Stephen Hawking was a mediocre student at school in London, though his innate __________(brilliant/brilliance/brilliantly) was ___________ (recognized/recognition/recognizable) by some students and teachers.

    5. Do as directed:

    A. Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles and prepositions: 1x3=3

    When my grandfather gave me _________one rupee coin, I put it ________ my pocket and decided

    ___________ keep it with me as my lucky coin.

    B. [i] We can gain nothing without labour. [Change the voice] 1

    [ii] My friend said to me, "I will come here tomorrow." [Turn into direct speech] 1

    [iii] You must avoid smoking to live longer. [Rewrite the sentence beginning with 'if'] 1

    C. Choose the correct phrasal verbs from the list given below to replace the words underlined. Write the correct phrasal verbs in the boxes on the right-hand side changing the form where necessary. There is one extra phrasal verb in the list: 1x3=3

    [i] You must compensate for the loss.

    [ii] He wore a new dress.

    [iii] Save something for old age.

    6. Given below are the meanings of four words which you will find in Question No. 3. Find out the words and write them in the appropriate boxes on the right-hand side. 2×4=8

    [i] restricted

    [ii] suffered

    [iii] soothed

     [iv] saved

    Section-C Writing

    7. Suppose you are the school captain and your school had decided to organize an awareness campaign on 'Safe Drive Save Life'. Now write a notice informing the students about it and requesting them to participate in it actively. You may use the following points. (in about 100 words) 10

    [Points: Date, time and venue-posters, festoons, placards and banners to be used - reasons for organizing such a programme - dignitaries to be present.]

    8. Write a letter to your friend advising him/her to avoid the use of smart phones too frequently. (100 words). 10

    [Points: Frequent use of mobiles unnecessary-wastage of valuable study time-adverse effect concentration-health hazards-social media addiction.] 9. Write a paragraph on your favourite author using the following points (in about 100 words). 10

    [Points: The author's name-his/her works-his/her writing style-what works of his/her you have read - why you like him/her most.]


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