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Madhyamik Result, 2024 announced | West Bengal

Madhyamik Result, 2024 announced | West Bengal 

Madhyamik Result, 2024 announced | West Bengal

Madhyamik Result (West Bengal), 2024 was declared yesterday on 2nd May 2024. The Board of Secondary Education of West Bengal announced the result after 80 days from the end of the Madhyamik Examination, 2024. The president of the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education, Dr. Ramanuj Ganguly held a press meeting to announce the result of the Madhyamik Examination 2024.

Madhyamik Examination 2024 was held on 2nd February 2024. The examination ended on the 12th of that month. The total number of candidates was 9 lakh 23 thousand 636. This year, 7, 65,252 candidates have passed the Madhyamik Examination.

The passing rate in the secondary examination is 86.31% this year. The passing rate has increased this year compared to last year. In the secondary examination, there are 57 students who scored their marks on the merit list.

The Madhyamik Examination is held with a total of 700 marks. According to the rules, a minimum of 25% marks must be obtained to pass the exam. It means a candidate must score a minimum of 175 marks out of 700 to pass the examination.

Chandrachud Sen, belonging to Rambhola High School, Cooch Behar, secured the first rank in the Madhyamik Examination 2024. He got 693 out of 700. Samyapriya Guru belonging to Purulia District School is second in the merit list. His score is 692. Udayan Prasad of Balurghat High School, South Dinajpur, Pushpita Banshuri of New Integrated Government High School, Birbhum and Nairitaranjan Pal of Narendrapur Ramakrishna Mission, South 24 Parganas jointly stood third. Their total marks were 691.

The Board of Secondary Education of West Bengal announced the starting date of the Madhyamik Examination next year along with the Madhyamik Result examination, today in 2024. Madhyamik Examination 2025 will start in the second week of February. The West Bengal Board of Secondary Education has informed us that the Madhyamik examination schedule for the next year will be announced very soon.


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