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Karma - S.A.Q

Karma by Khushwant Singh (S.A.Q)

Karma - Short Answer Type question and Answers

 1. Who was the writer of the prose Karma?

Answer: Khushwant Singh is the writer of the prose Karma.

2. Where was this published and when?

Answer: This prose was published in 1989 in “The Collected Stories”.

3. Who was Mohan Lal?

Answer: Mohan Lal, the main character of the story ‘Karma’, was a middle aged, arrogant man who always followed the British culture. 

4. What was the name of Lady Lal?

Answer: The name of Lady Lal was Lachmi.

5. Where was Mohan Lal found for the first time in the story?

Answer: Mohan Lal was found for the first time in the first class waiting room of railway compartment.

6. How was the mirror in the waiting room?

Answer: The mirror in the waiting room was partly broken and the red oxide at its back had come off at several places.

7. For what was Saville Row famous?

Answer: Saville Row , a shopping street in Central London, was famous for making suits.

8. What is “eau de cologne”?           

Answer: “Eau de cologne” is a perfume produced in Cologne, Germany.

9. Which college did Mohan Lal’s tie belong to?

Answer: Mohan Lal’s tie belonged to Balliol college, a college under Oxford University.

10. “Koi hai!”—Who said this and to whom and why?

Answer: Mohan Lal said this to the bearer for a peg of hard drinks.

11. What was Mohan Lal doing in the waiting room?

Answer: In the waiting room Mohan Lal was examining the mirror and then he looked at himself at the mirror.

12. Where was Lachmi sitting?

Answer: Lachmi was sitting outside the first class waiting room on a steel trunk.

13. What was Lachmi doing outside the waiting room?

Answer: Outside the waiting room sitting on a steel trunk, Lachmi was chewing betel leaf and fanning herself with a newspaper.

14. Describe Lachmi and her dress?

Answer: Lachmi was short, fat, native woman and in middle forties. She wore a dirty white sari with red border and had several ornaments on her body.

15. Whom was Lachmi talking with?        

Answer: Lachmi was talking with a bearer whom Mohan Lal called for.

16. What is zenana?

Answer: Zenana is middle class train compartment only reserved for ladies.

17. Where did Lachmi stop while following the coolie and why?

Answer: While following the coolie, Lachmi stopped on the way by a hawker’s stall to replenish her silver betel leaf case.

18. What did Lachmi eat before the train’s arrival?

Answer: Before the train’s arrival, Lachmi ate a bundle of cramped chapattis and mango pickles.

19. “I am with my master, brother.”—Who said this? Who was the ‘brother’? Who was the ‘master’? 

Answer: Lachmi said this. Here ‘brother’ referred to the collie. Here ‘master’ referred to Mohan Lal.

20. What was Mohan Lal’s profession?

Answer: Mohan Lal was a vizer and a barrister by profession.

21. Where did Lachmi and Mohan Lal live?

Answer: Lachmi lived in the upper storey and Mohan Lal lived on the ground floor.

22. Why did Lachmi’s relative not come to her husband’s house?

Answer: Lachmi’s relative did not come to her husband’s house because her husband Mohan Lal did not like her poor illiterate relatives hanging around bungalow.

23. In which compartment did Lachmi travel and why?

Answer: Lachmi travelled in the inter class zenana compartment as she was a native woman and she did not know upper classes’ culture.

24. Why did Lachmi thank God?

Answer: Lachmi thanked God for giving her the favour of finishing her meal.

25. “Lachmi chatted away merrily”—Whom did Lachmi chat away with and what was the reason behind her merriment?

Answer: Lachmi chatted away merrily with coolie. She was happy to chat as she got none to speak in her house.

26. How much rupees did Lachmi give to the coolie?

Answer: Lachmi gave the coolie a two-anna bit.

27. Where did Lachmi use to put her rupees?

Answer: Lachmi used to put her rupees in the knot in her sari.

28. How did Lachmi prepare her two betel leaves? Where did she sit in the compartment?

Answer: Lachmi prepared two betel leaves charged with a red and white paste, minced betel nuts and cardamoms.

29. “You are a bit of alright, old chap”—Who is referred to as ‘old chap’?

Answer: Here ‘old chap’ refers to Sir Mohan Lal.

30. What was Mohan Lal doing when the train arrived?

Answer: When the train arrived, Mohan Lal was drinking scotch and and was relaxing.

31. What is meant by “tickety-boo”?

Answer: “Tickety-boo” means “in good order”.

32. What was Mohan Lal fond of?

Answer: Mohan Lal was fond of conversation on any matter like books, politics etc.

33. “I have finished with it”—What does ‘it’ refer?

Answer: Here ‘it’ refers to “The Times”.

34. What for did Mohan Lal become dismayed after entering the compartment?

Answer: After entering the compartment Mohan Lal became dismayed to see no Englishmen there.

35. What were the soldiers carrying on their back?

Answer: The soldiers were carrying on their back their haversacks.

36. Give the names of two English soldiers.

Answer: The names of two English soldiers were Jim and Bill.

37. How was the five years of abroad of Mohan Lal?

Answer: The five years of abroad of Mohan Lal was crowed and glorious and far worthy than his time in India.

38. By which name did the soldiers call the Mohan Lal?

Answer: Soldiers called Mohan Lal a nigger.

39. What was soldier’s point of view to get Mohan Lal out of the compartment?

Answer:  Soldiers got Mohan Lal out as according to them, the compartment was reserved only for the army men.

40. In which compartment were the soldiers entitled to travel?

Answer: The soldiers were entitled in second class compartment to travel.

41. What is meant by “toodle oo!”?

Answer: “Toodle oo!” means “see you later”.

42. How did the soldiers throw Mohan Lal from compartment?

Answer: The soldiers threw Mohan Lal from compartment by arm and flung him out of the train. He reeled backwards, tripped on his beddings and landed of the suitcase.


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