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Jimmy Valentine - S.A.Q.

Alias Jimmy Valentine


 S.A.Q. (Marks - 01)

Jimmy Valentine - S.A.Q.

1.Who composed Jimmy Valentine?
Answer: Jimmy Valentine is composed by O.Henry.

2. What is the original name of O.Henry?
Answer: The original name of O.Henry is Willam Sydney Porter.

3. What was Jimmy Valentine's profession?
Answer: The profession of Jimmy Valentine was burglary.

4. Who came to the prison shoe-shop and escorted Jimmy?
Answer: A guard came to the prison shoe-shop and escorted Jimmy.

5. How long did Jimmy stay in prison?
Answer: Jimmy was sentenced for four years but he had to stay only ten months.

6. How long did he expect to stay in prison?
Answer: He expected only three months to stay in prison.

7. What was Jimmy doing in the prison shoe-shop?
Answer: In the prison shoe-shop Jimmy was assiduously stitching the uppers.

8. Who was Cronin in the story Jimmy Valentine?
Answer: Cronin was a guard in the story Jimmy Valentine.

9. When did Jimmy turn up in the Warden's outer office?
Answer: Jimmy turned up on the next morning at quarter past seven in the Warden's office.

10. What type of dress was given to Jimmy before releasing?
Answer: Jimmy was given a suit of the villainously fitting, ready-made clothes and a pair of the stiff, squeaky shoes before releasing.

11. What did the clerk hand Jimmy?
Answer: Jimmy was handed a train ticket and five dollars bill by the clerk.

12. What was the number of Jimmy Valentine?
Answer: The number which was given to Jimmy Valentine in the prison was 9762.

13. Where did Jimmy enter after release?
Answer: Jimmy entered a restaurant after release.

14. Why did Ben Price go to Elmore?
Answer: Ben Price visited Elmore to require into custody Valentine for variety of burglaries committed by him a year ago.

15. How did Valentine save Agatha?
Answer: Valentine saved Agatha by opening the door of the vault together with his drill and other tools of burglary.

16. What did Valentine's suitcase contain?
Answer: Valentine's suitcase contained the best set of burglar's tools within the whole eastern a part of the U.S.A. They cost him over nine hundred dollars.

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