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Important 'Invitation Letter' for Class - 9

Important Invitation Letter for Class - 9

    👉 A letter to a friend inviting him to a hill station

    A letter to a friend inviting him to a hill station

    26, The Mall, Shimla

    20th may 2022

    Dear Santosh,

    I am writing this letter from Shimla, a very cool and pleasant place. How beautiful the scenery around! The sun is gentle and kind. It is not a real blazing sun like plains on a hot summer day. Clouds are constantly in the sky and rain storms are blowing. I feel quite happy with the heat you suffer from. Your school is closed for summer vacation. So, come here for a change. We will have a pleasant time here. We will enjoy the scenic beauty of the mountains here.

    I promise you a pleasant and comfortable stay. We have a very good house with hills and valleys. I assure you, my parents will be very happy to have you among us.

    With best wishes!

    Santosh Mondol

    12 Cintamani Das Lane

    Kolkata 70009

    Yours ever,



    👉 A letter to your friend inviting him to a village to spend the puja vacation

    Puja Vacation - Letter to a friend

     Midnapur (East) 721458

    25 July, 2022

    Dear Sathi,

                 Puja holidays are approaching. Why don't you come and spend a few days with us? It will be a pleasant respite for you from the loud noise of the city. 

                Here you will see kash flowers blooming all over the village and dawn breaks with the sweet smell of shiuli flowers. The vast expanse of sky will greet your eyes and the songs of various birds will delight your ears. There is peace here - the peace and tranquillity that is born of solitude. And, I will train you how to swim and how to climb trees.

               I know you are fond of folk songs. Some renowned folk artists will participate in the cultural program to be held on Vijaya Dashami night.

    Do come. We look forward to your early arrival.

    Yours ever, Karuna

    Sathi Ghosh

    23 vivekananda Road 

    Kolkata 70006


    👉 A letter to friend inviting him to come to you for a joint excursion to Digha

    Digha - Joint Excursion

    39, Fern Road

    Kolkata 700019

    01 August, 2022

    My dear Nirmal,

    It's been a long time since I heard from you. I hope you are enjoying the holidays during your summer vacation. How would you like to take a trip next week?

    Sandeep and Rudra agree to go with us. You were in Puri. Digha's sea is not as rough as Puri's. But it is no foot exciting. You are fond of swimming. I am sure you will enjoy bathing in the sea. The beach there is so hard that even motor vehicles can drive there. There you will find many tall pine trees on the beach. There the beauty of the place increases. My earnest request to you let me know when you are coming.

    With best wishes

    Yours ever,


    Nirmal Mitra

    5/3 Kalighat Road

    Kolkata - 700026


    👉 A letter of invitation to your friend for a dinner party

    Dinner Party, letter to a friend

    26 Sunny Park

    Kolkata 70019

    31st July 2022

    Dear Rupsha,

                          It's been a long time since I heard from you. I wonder if you have forgotten me. However, I would like to invite you to a dinner party.

                           Sushmita, an old friend of ours will visit our house on Sunday. He spent two years hosting a school with us. I am throwing a small dinner party for her on Sunday evening and have invited some of our old friends. It will be a great occasion to see old classmates again. We rarely get to see familiar faces these days. It will be a real pleasure for you to have Sushmita in our midst.

                   Please join us. Dinner will be served at 8:00 PM.

    With love and best wishes,

    Yours ever,


    Rupsha Mondol

    53/2 park St.

    Kolkata 700016


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