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A newspaper report on a boat capsize (Class-IX)

Write a newspaper report on a boat capsize within one hundred words. USE the subsequent HINTS place-date-number of people in the boat - cause- casualties - rescue operation - steps taken from by the govt.

Boat capsied - Newspaper Report

Boat Capsize near Vishakhapatnam Coast

Vishakhapatnam 24 April: A boat carrying twenty people capsized near the Vishakhapatnam coast.

The weather suddenly changed and strong winds started blowing. The boatmen were not prepared for the sudden gust of storm. Even though they made best efforts to get back to the land, the boat couldn't return. 

There were 5 women and 5 children in the boat. Though the men tried to save all of them, 2 children suffered badly. 

The rescue team reached there in time to save the women and children, but the 2 children had swallowed too much water. They were rushed to the hospital. 

The government has offered to reimburse for their loss and to bear all the expenses for the treatment of the 2 children.


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