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Pay attention to the Street Dogs

Write a paragraph within 100 words on how you plan to take care of street dogs. Use the following points.

Hints: cruel actions towards street dogs-necessity of looking after them –ways of taking care of the dogs –conclusion.

Pay attention to the Street Dogs

Model 1

Street dogs or stray dogs are, perhaps, the most neglected and ill-treated among creatures around us. As they increase in number, insensitive treatments towards them like stone petting, beating, kicking etc. also mount. Lack of food, shelter, care and security is all that they suffer from birth to death. A wrong notion runs that they bite people. Generally, dogs are meek loyal animals. They bite only when they are teased and bound to. Other than being nuisance and disturbing, they rather guard to the locality against theft and other hazards. Only a little care, compassionate attitude, sufficient food and a nook can make them true friends to human society. Considering all these aspects, it stands out that we should extend our good will and well wishes to protect these faithful creatures.

Model 2

The life of a street dog is miserable. In our street there is one such dog. It is very dirty. Its body is covered all over with wounds. They are sometimes bleeding. It is kicked and beaten wherever it goes. It wanders from house to house to get some crumbs of food. It gets very little to eat. It starves. It is lean and thin. It barks at the passersby. Sometimes it gets a good thrashing at their hands.

It doesn't get the pat and therefore the love that pet dogs get. It is neglected and careless for. At night it is without a shelter. It sleeps wherever it finds a place to lie. Even in winter it has to sleep in the open. In the hot days of summer, it can be seen lying in a gutter.

It lives on bones that lie scattered near a butcher's shop or other dirty things lying in bazaar and streets. It dare not move out of its own street. When it goes to other streets, its fellow-dogs drive it away.

In cities, stray dogs are killed because they're a great nuisance. They spread diseases. Sometimes they turn mad and bite people. Who can love such miserable creatures? In short, a street dog is hated by one and every one. It is unwanted. It is good for-nothing. It is an untouchable. It is contemptible.

Street-dogs are not pet-dogs. The pet dog has a master or owner who loves it, feeds it and takes care of it. But a street-dog has no master or owner and so it has none to feed it or to take care of it.

A pet dog lives in its master’s house. But a street-dog has no access to anybody’s lodge. A pet dog sleeps its master’s lodge. But the street dogs, on their own accord, guard the entire village or hamlet or any settlement in the dark.


Model 3

Since dogs are a domesticated animal, and have a tendency to not thrive on their own, it's best if you'll either adopt them and lookout of them yourself, or if that is not possible, take them to a no-kill shelter.

For those that love animals, that's one of the things that I take as a private requirement. No animal deserves to be treated the way most of the street dogs are so often treated.

I have saved variety of animals throughout my life, and was (from childhood) a defender of all things injured or alone. I was the one who always brought home injured animals, and helped them thrive. It drove my mother nuts, but she knew it was easier to deal with extra hurt critters than it was to try to squelch that part of me. 

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