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Operation Ganga: Russia-Ukraine War | 26 Feb 2022

Operation Ganga: Russia-Ukraine War

Operation Ganga: Russia-Ukraine War | 26 Feb 2022

Operation Ganga: Indian government's evacuation of Indian nationals and other foreign nationals from Ukraine during the 2022 Russian invasion.

Operation Ganga was an evacuation mission carried out by the Indian government to rescue its citizens stranded in neighboring countries during the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. The citizens were transported from Romania, Hungary, Poland, Moldova, and Slovakia to India with assistance from these countries. India maintained a neutral stance during the invasion, not supporting either Russia or Ukraine.

The operation was launched on February 26, 2022, and was named after the Ganges River, which is considered sacred in Hinduism. The first flight took place on 26 February from Bucharest in Romania and reached Delhi on 27 February at 2:55 am Indian Standard Time (IST). By 27 February 2022 (Day 3), 469 students were evacuated. By 1 March, over 2000 nationals were back. The next five days saw the number climb to about 16,000. Airlines assisting the evacuation included the private carriers AirAsia India, Air India, IndiGo, Air India Express and SpiceJet. The Indian Air Force provided additional support; multiple C-17 Globemasters were utilized, along with Ilyushin Il-76 aircraft on standby. Finally, the operation was continued till 11th of March, 2022.

The operation was a success, with over 22,500 Indian nationals evacuated from Ukraine. The Indian government was praised for its swift and efficient response, and the operation was seen as a major diplomatic win for India.

One student was killed and one was injured during the evacuation. The student who was killed was a 21-year-old medical student named Naveen Shekharappa Gyanagoudar. He was shot and killed while trying to flee the city of Kharkiv. The student who was injured was a 24-year-old medical student named Chandan Jindal. He was injured in a mortar attack while trying to evacuate from the city of Sumy.

Operation Ganga was a major logistical challenge, and the Indian government was able to overcome it. The Govt. of India thanks to the cooperation of the governments of Romania, Hungary, Poland, Moldova, and Slovakia. The operation was also made possible by the efforts of the Indian Air Force, which flew over 14000 sorties to evacuate Indian nationals from Ukraine.

The success of Operation Ganga was a major boost to the Indian government's image, and it helped to improve India's relations with its neighbors. The operation also showed the world that India is a responsible and capable actor on the global stage.


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