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Hamida Banu, the first woman wrestler of India

Hamida Banu, the first woman wrestler of India

Hamida Banu, the first woman wrestler of India

Hamida Banu is a remarkable woman wrestler of India. She is considered to be the first professional woman wrestler ever born in India.

Hamida Banu got international recognition and acclaim on 4th May 1954. It was reported that she had defeated the famous wrestler Baba Pahalwan in a wrestling match. It took just 1 minute and 34 seconds to defeat the wrestler, Baba Pahalwan. After that the famous wrestler Baba Pahalwan retired from professional wrestling.

She was born into a family of wrestlers in the early 1900s. Their family lived in the district of Aligarh, Utter Pradesh. There she grew up and practiced wrestling. She won over 300 competitions throughout her career. Most of the wrestling matches she wrestled in between 1940s and 1950s.

It was strongly noticed that women's participation in athletics was discouraged by the society at that time. But Hamida Banu was very fascinating and brave. She competed with men anyway. She called an open challenge to all male wrestlers. She often took risk to get married him who could defeat her first of all.

Her career was not bound with a short limit in India, but she won against a Russian woman wrestler, Vera Chistilin. It took less than two minutes to defeat her.

 After that her name appeared in the headlines of many newspapers. She became well-known as the “Amazon of Aligarh.”. Many young women wrestlers want to learn from her. Later, in many articles of newspapers, her training routine, her diet an also her spell is described brilliantly.

Hence, Hamida Banu became the guiding star in the field of wrestling. Her fearlessness is remembered throughout India. Her name is not only become glorious in India but also throughout the world. She will be always remembered for staying within us as a guarding star of wrestling.


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