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The Proposal - D.A.Q (Part - II)

The Proposal by Anton Chekhov | D.A.Q (Part - II)

The Proposal by Anton Chekhov D.A.Q (Part - II)

1. Justify the title of the play The Proposal.

Answer: The title of the play is 'The proposal' and it is a very apt one because the whole play is about Lomov proposing Natalya. Right from the beginning to the end of the play, the story revolves round a marraige proposal. Lomov involves Natalya's house to propose to her however even before he will it, they both start fighting. As a result, Lomov becomes sick and leaves. Natalya's father informs her regarding the intention of Lomov and she or he starts sorrowful over the loss. Lomov is termed back associated yet again an argument ensues before proposing. Hence, we can say that the title is perfect for the play.

2. Sketch the character of Stephen Chubukov.

Answer: In the play The Proposal Anton Chechov has presented three characters. Stephen Chubukov is one of them. He was a land owner who had a daughter named Natalya. He was a awfully argumentative man however had a habit of speaking courteously to everybody at the start. He welcomes Lomov in an exceedingly polite manner and is happy once he says he has come back to propose to his girl. Chubukov was a person to be over excited simply so once Natalya associated Lomov had an argument he too joined in and affronted Lomov. Chubukov is projected as a gaga father however a greedy man World Health Organization is searching for an honest match for his girl.

3. Briefly describe the character of Lomov.

Answer: Lomov was a young, adult male of thirty 5. He was anxious to urge married as he had already reached a essential age. So he set to propose a woman within the neighbourhood. Her name was Natalya, a woman of twenty-five years recent. Lomov thought that she was an honest domestic help and wasn't dangerous trying. Further she was unmarried. Lomov was a funny character. He was suffering from palpitation. He behaved as if he were eccentric. He was so eager to marry Natalya. But once he came to propose to her, he started quarrelling over trifles. He quarreled on problems like Oxen Meadows and pet dogs named kitchen utensil and Guess. He even abused Natalya and her father Chubukov whereas quarreling.

4. Describe the character of Natalya in few sentences.

Answer: Natalaya was a young unmarried girl of twenty five years. She lived within the neighbourhood of Lomov, a young unmarried man. She was a superb domestic help and wasn't dangerous trying. She was thirsting for love. Her father called her a lovesick cat. Lomov same that she was well educated, but she did not seem to be so. She was very quarrelsome and abusive by nature. She began a bitter quarrel with Lomov over a bit of land that had very little worth. She same that those meadows weren't a lot of price to her however she couldn't stand unfairness. But once she learnt that Lomov had come back to propose to her, she forgot all fairness and unfairness. She began to wail over the lost chance .She forced her father to call him back. But in no time, she started quarrelling with him again. It was on their dogs. Both claimed their several dogs to be of a superior breed.

5. How does Chubukov react when Lomov says that he has come to ask for the hand of his daughter?

Answer: Chubukov is really glad to hear that Lomov has come to ask for Natalya’s hand. He embraces and kisses Lomov. He has a tear or two in his eyes out of joy. He calls for God’s blessing for Natalya and Lomov. He says he is off his balance with joy. He goes out to call for Natalya.

6. What happens to Lomov when he is in an excited state?

Answer: Lomov’s heart beat increases. His lips tremble. There is twitch in his right eyebrow. The worst thing is the way he sleeps. When he goes to sleep, something pulls in his left side. It comes to his shoulder and head. He jumps like lunatic.

7. How does Natalya excite Lomov to the point of verbal fighting?

Answer: Natalya doesn’t agree to the point that Oxen Meadows are not theirs. She says that upto that she thought Lomov was a good neighbor. They lent him their threshing machine last year. They had to postpone their threshing till November. How was Lomov giving her his own land?

8. Why does Natalya ask her father Chubukov to fetch Lomov in at once when they have fought verbally? How does she accuse her father?

Answer: Actually Chubukov says that Lomov came to propose to Natalya for marriage. Natalya didn’t know it. So she at once changes and asks her father to fetch Lomov in then. She also accuses Chubukov that he drove Lomov out.

9. How do Lomov and Chubukov fight after talking about dogs, etc?

Answer: Chubukov says that Lomov should sit at home with his heart beats. He is not at all a hunter. Lomov replies that he goes hunting to intrigue only. This starts their verbal fight. Lomov calls him an ‘intriguer’. Chubukov calls him ‘pup’. Lomov calls him ‘old rat’. Chubukov calls him ‘fool’, etc.

10. How is ‘the Proposal’ a great comedy?

Answer: ‘The Proposal’ is a great comedy. It is because of the characters and subject matter and how they behave. Natalya, Lomov and Chubukov fight over foolish things. All these create a lot of laughter. The verbal fights over Oxen Meadows and dogs are really full of humour.

11. What does Chubukov at first suspect that Lomov has come for? Is he sincere when he later says “and I’ve always loved you, my angel, as if you were my own son”?

Answer: Chubukov at first suspects that Lomov has come to borrow money. Chubukov is not sincere in saying this. After some minutes, Chubukov starts fighting with Lomov over petty matters. In fact, he sides with his daughter in fighting with Lomov. He even abuses Lomov calling him with bad names. This shows his insincerity in saying this flattering sentence.

12. Chubukov says of Natalya: “….as if she won’t consent! She is in love; egad, she is like a lovesick cat...” Would you agree?

Answer: Yes, Natalya is in love. This is clear in her behavior when she knows that Lomov came to propose to her. When she knows it, she starts weeping; she calls her father to bring him back at once. He has gone out after the quarrel. She becomes hysteric.

13. Find all the words and expressions in the play that the characters used to speak about other, and accusations and insults they hurl at each other.

Answer: Natalya calls Lomov ‘rascal’, ‘The monster’.Chubukov calls him ‘the villain! The scarecrow!’, ‘that blind hen’ ,‘turnip ghost’, ‘the stuffed sausage’, ‘the wizen-faced frump’, ‘malicious, double-faced intriguer’, ‘pup’, ‘old rat’, ‘Jesuit’, ‘milk soap’, ‘fool’.Chubukov calls Lomov’s father as ‘a guzzling gambler’.Lomov calls Chubukov ‘intreguer’, Natalya’s mother as ‘hump-backed’, ‘back-bitters’, etc. Chubukov calls Lomov as ‘my precious’.Lomov calls Natalya as ‘an excellent house keeper, not bad looking, well educated’.


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