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The Proposal - M.C.Q. (Mock Test - 02)

The Proposal by Anton Chekhov

The Proposal - M.C.Q. (Mock Test - 02)

Mock Test - 02

Best wishes and congratulations to all of you on BARICK ACADEMY.

This MOCK TEST section has been started at the request of all the followers.

This section asks questions of MOCK TEST separately from Anton Chekhov’s The Proposal. It is a comedy of Anton Chekhov's solo actress, written in 1888-1889 and first published in 1899. It is a fast-paced drama of dialogue-based action and situational humor. Lomov, a young man who has been Chubukov's longtime neighbor, has come to propose marriage to Natalia, the 25-year-old daughter of Chubukov. 

After he asked and accepted the pleasure of marrying Natalia, he was let into the house, and he tried to inform her of the offer. Lomov is a neurotic, and while trying to disclose the reasons of his presence there, he started arguing with Natalia about The Oxen Meadows, a disputed land on their own property, which resulted in him getting "throbbing" and numbness after noticing his father at his feet. They argue, he joins in and then sends even out of the house.

While investigating Natalya expressed her grief that this fool (Lomov) dares her (Natalia) as a marriage proposal! Natalya then understands that Lomov wanted to marry her and immediately her father starts hysterics by begging her to bring him back. Next time Natalya goes on arguing a second debate about the superiority of their hunting dogs, guesses and squeezers.

Evan broke down from his fatigue due to the argument, and the father and daughter, fearing that he was dead, sent them into another phase of hysteria. However, a few minutes later he regained consciousness and Chubukov but forced him and his daughter to accept the offer by kissing. Immediately following the kiss, the couple became involved in another argument with their dog.

However, the MOCK TEST consists of a total of 10 questions and each question has a time of 10 seconds. Results will be shown after completion of TEST.

So everyone is sincerely requested to complete the MOCK TEST with utmost patience and verify their knowledge. 

The Proposal

You'll Have 20 Second/Question.

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